Etsy Shop RockstarNails Review!

Hi everyone!! I wanted to do a review on this awesome nail polish from RockstarNails called Perfect Union. I absolutely LOVE this polish, you can get them on Etsy from here shop:

The bottle itself is really unique, I’ve never seen a polish look like this before!! I really like it, and is a pretty good size, 15ml. This retails for $8.50 plus shipping, and is descibed as “Perfect Union comes in a beautiful, sheer pink solution with tons of black hex and bar glitter, black heart, light pink heart and turquoise heart glitter. It looks great both alone and layered.”

The formula is actually really nice, slightly on the thicker side but it’s good because it suspends all the heavy glitters, and makes it easier to get them out. I really love the mix of black, blue, and pink/white glitters, really chic, and you can pretty much put this on top of any solid color. (Cremes would look best I think!)

Here a swatch just by itself. I really love the effect it gives on the nail, kind of like a modern abstract painting! Really fun and unique.

Have you guys heard of RockstarNails?!



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