How To Make Your Own Cream Cheek Palette with Lipsticks!

Hello everyone!! Very exciting post I wanted to share with you today, a DIY cream blush palette! This idea stemmed from my ever growing neglected lipstick stash, and I was looking for a creative way to get use out of them. I did a little research and decided to melt them down to use them as cream blushes! 🙂

These are pretty much all the supplies you need for this, a lipstick, a toothpick, a large metal spoon, your blush pan and palette, some tissues, and a candle. I got the empty 10 pan palette off Ebay (link here) for fairly cheap, I believe for under $4!! The lipsticks you choose can vary, just any you wont miss and willing to cut and melt down.

I’m using an ELF Studio Lipstick in Party Pink, it’s a very pretty medium pink/nude color. I have so many lipsticks are are similar to this color and decided that I didn’t need to have this one around. Plus it was only $3, so I don’t feel like I’m wasting an expensive product. (which you’re not!!)

Here’s the bottom of the lipstick. Also, you can also do this and create your own lipstick palette as well, and use it strictly for the lips!

First thing you have to do is cut the lipstick bullet into your large metal spoon, don’t put too much in as your might has some overflow later on. If you twist up your lipstick all the way and cut it at the base, you should be fine. You can get the remaining product later or save for another project.

Next light your candle, and hover the spoon right above the flame. You should notice your lipstick bullet starting to melt after about a minute. You can gently swish the product around in the spoon to dispense the product evenly or use the toothpick to get the remaining product completely melted.

Once the lipstick is completely melted get ready to pour into your pan! Don’t hold it on the flame too long or it might start to smoke!

Carefully pour the product into the blush pan. I would have the pan on some tissue or paper towel just in case there’s some spillage. The liquid should disperse evenly into the pan, try to fill it to the brim! 🙂

After your finish pouring, you can wipe off the remaining product into a paper towel to clean your spoon.

Let the pan sit for a few minutes and it should be hardened and ready for use! Such a pretty color! This will be perfect for an everyday soft, sculpted look!

Next just pop it into the palette with your other cream blushes, and you’re finished! Love looking at all the pretty colors, and I didn’t spend a lot of money at all!! 🙂

Swatch of my new cream blush made from my ELF Studio Party Pink Lipstick!

What do you guys think?! 🙂



    1. No problem! I’ve really enjoyed this palette, and happy I didn’t have to go buy more cream blush! The application is really nice, can be very natural, (I use a soft small stippling brush) and all your need to do is set with a translucent powder, or powder blush!

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