TKB Trading Pigment Collection! ❤

Hello beauties! Very exciting collection I’d like to share with you all today, it’s my TKB Trading Pigment collection! All these pigments I’ve been collecting over the coarse of a couple years you can them all through their website, along with other makeup/beauty tools, additives, jars, colorants to create your own makeup! They offer samples sized for $1.50 for most colors, which comes in a little ziplock pouch. They give you a generous amount, almost 40 grams in each sample bag!! They have SO many colors, and their are extremely high quality. I recommend them HIGHLY if you are interested in this sort of thing!

This is the first half of my first box, I got these containers from Micheals in their jewelry section, it’s great for storage and I can see all the colors I have! I’ve labeled each section with the pigment name, the first column are all highlight colors, they are amazing almost duochrome colors. In the light they change colors!! Next are my light whites/pinks/ivorys. Also I might note that all of these are extremely shimmery/glittery. They do offer matte shades on a different page on theri website. THe last column are my warm peaches/pinks/corals. SO pretty to play around with.

The next section of this box are my browns/golds/roses. The first columnhas some deeper peach and coral tones. They are amazing to use for a natural smokey eye. These definitely need some sort of base to stay on skin on their own, but you cna puchase additives to create the eyeshadow base for these as well! The second column are my dark peaches/golds/bronzy colors, LOVE blush beige and foliage. So pretty! The last column are my browns/dark bronze colors. A lot of these pigements are so unique, they are incredibly mulyi-deminsionsal, and can be used for so many things!

The next box have my greens, blues, and purples. The first section has my green, turqouise, and some blue shades. I love looking at the box because the colors are SO enchanting! Another use you can have for these pigments besides eyeshadows is nail polish! 🙂 The first column has a mix of greens and blues, the second column has more green hues, and the third column has for blue/aqua shades. The blakstar series is really pretty if you into dark mysterious tones!

Lastly, this side has the rest of my blues, purples, and some pinks/coppers. The first columns has all my blues and one silver, the second column has my purple/violet shades, and the last column has my purple/red/copper shades. Th metallic colors are SO pretty and are extrememly vibrant. SO many possibilities, you can definitely press these pigments into your own eyeshadows as well. Mix colors, use them ont heir own thye are too much fun! 🙂

Here is one of the stacks opened up, it can get a little messy with this type of storage, but you can really see how rich these colors are. MY camera isn’t pickin up all the shimmer, but these are amazing quality pigments for the price, consdering some reatil brands charge almost $20 for one pigment!!

Here’s a swatch of some of the colors on my finger, you can really see the shimmery, iridescent quality of these and how unique they are!

What do you guys think?! 🙂



  1. Very cool, I hadn’t heard of them before, but they certainly look like they are worth checking out. Do you find they have good wear times if you use a primer? Do you experience any fading or creasing throughout the day?

    1. they are amazing if you’re into a little DIY. these pigments need something to stick to if you are using them by themselves. If you plan to create your own eyeshadow, they sell bases on the site. You can also press these into eyeshadows using a pressing medium, or I use grapeseed oil + coconut oil!

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