Ebay “MAC” Makeup Brush Haul!

Hello everyone!! 🙂 Just wanted to do a quick post about these amazing makeup brushes I got off Ebay. I love Ebay when I’m in the mood to hunt around for a good deal. This might be a little bit controversial since I don’t think these are authentic MAC makeup brushes, but they are good brushes none the less.  I got them for around $10 (here), and have been really enjoying them!

It comes in a set of 10 brushes with two cosmetic bags. They ship from Hong Kong, so shipping times does take a little while. Again, if you have an issue with purchasing fake MAC, I would suggest you look elsewere! I looked at these merely as nice travel size makeup brushes that I got of Ebay.

I was really impressed with the quality of these brushes. In reality I was expecting them to be much cheaper looking! The have nice wooden handles, and gold toned metal tops. The bristles are fairly dense and soft to the touch! I’m not sure why they advertise them as MAC, because they are actually pretty nice brushes on their own! And only $10 for all of them!!

The first is a duo fiber stippling brush, the bristles are very soft and long enough to be a full-size brush. You can use this for liquid foundation, powder, blush, and cream products. I did experience a little shedding at first, but stopped after the first couple uses.

Next is a traditional foundation brush, it has super soft bristles, and a slight point. This would obviously be great for foundation and tinted moisturizer, also could work for concealing under the eyes! Love it!

Next is the large powder brush, again the brush is soft to the touch and actually has a great amount of control. This is great for powder applications to the face or bronzer.

Next is a contour/blush brush, super soft, and love the slight angle it has. This is great for blush, bronzer, highlighting, and contouring. I like that it has white bristles!

Next are a couple eyeshadow brushes, one is a traditional flat eyeshadow brush, and the other is a flat angles eyeshadow brush. Both are great for applying shadow and contouring in your crease.

These brushes are eyeliner brushes, the one one the left I prefer to use on my brows, and the one on the right is a more traditional pointed eyeliner brush. It would be great to gel liners and cream shadows.

Last but not least is the small concealer brush, and the small smudge brush. The concealer brush is flat and can be used as a detail/eyeliner brush as well, and the small smudge brush is great for softening hard edges on your eyes, or contouring within the crease. Overall, the quality is great for these little brushes and the price you can’t beat! If you can get over the fake “MAC” label, these are amazing brushes!

Quick NOTD, custom glitter tips over Wet N’ Wild  Sugar Coat!

What do you guys think!? 😀



    1. Thanks! The brushes are really great and performed really well, I’ve had them for a few months now. Honestly I can’t tell the difference between how a real MAC brush would work vs. these. Aside from the mini size and slight shedding at the beginning, they are great, I recommend them for travel or daily use!

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