CustomNailArt Etsy Nail Polish Review!

Hey everyone, I know I’ve been on a nail polish shtick lately and I’ve got more indie nail polishes to review from Etsy! These were sent to me by the lovely Ashlyee from her shop CustomNailArt. I absolutely love glitter nail polish so I jumped at the opportunity to review her fab polishes.

From L to R is: Rockstar, Black & Blue, and Blue Diamonds. I believe the full size polishes are from her new collection, and the mini is one that had caught my eye in her shop!

Rockstar is a fun combination of fuchsia and black bars with medium purple shimmer shreds. I really love the shred effect and black bars. The base she uses is a tad milky/clear but goes on and dries clear. The formula is good quality and I don’t see any bledding glitters which is good! Overall I really like the polish.

The next is Black & Blue, and it’s a pretty combination of medium turquoise blue hexes and black bars. The color combination is gorgeous, but I do wish there was a bit more size variation in this, maybe some smaller glitters mixed in to give some dimension. I really like this one as well!

Lastly is Blue Diamond, a milky/clear base with tiny white satin glitters, and light blue satin diamond shapes. This polish stood out to me in her shop and I know I had to try it! The blue diamonds are somewhat translucent so you have to be careful what color you use as a base. I used Essie Cindy-Rella as a base and created a neat pastel effect. Pretty!

CustomNailAr’s Shop:

What do you guys think!? 🙂


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