LynBDesigns Etsy Nail Polish Haul! <3

Hey everyone! I’ve got a special review for you guys, I was strolling around Etsy the other week and found LynBDesigns shop! She is a franken or indie nail polish creator like me and saw that she had some fabulous colors that caught my eye! She was nice enough to throw in a couple more polishes to my order to review! So excited!! Here is what I got!

The package came about a few days after I ordered, and was packaged pretty nicely, nothing was broken! Yay! πŸ™‚

Here are all the polishes!! SO pretty!!!!! I had originally ordered 3 of these polishes (Barefoot on the Moon, Darwin, and Victor) and she had kindly given me To Die Was an Art and Mind Palace for free for me to review. Thank you! πŸ™‚ I REALLY like the shape of these bottles, very unique, they will look very nice in my collection!

Here are some swatches L to R: Mind Palace, Victor, Barefoot on the Moon, Darwin, Victor, and To Die Was an Art.

Here a close up of Barefoot on the Moon, Victor, and Darwin.

Here a close up of To Die Was an Art and Mind Palace.

Barefoot on the Moon: This polish was the first to catch my eye in her shop. It’s a deep shimmery blue pigment base with small white hexes, holographic and red bar glitters, and tiny silver glitters. It really does remind me of space! The base is a bit goopy at first but once you get the hand of applying it it goes on very nicely and dries pretty quickly. I used two coats above.

Victor: This is an AWESOME polish, way better than I expected. I absolutely love the black hearts. This is a very versatile polish as you can use this on top of any base color. It has tony holographic hexes, large matte black hearts, and medium matte black hexes. I will be using this often! Love it!

Darwin: This is a jewel like metallic dark blue base, with tiny holographic glitters. This color is absolutely gorgeous. Again this feels a little goopy out the bottle, but once you get the hang of it, it goes on nicely! Very mysterious, I was to try this on my toes!

To Die Was an Art: This polish is definitely my favorite. This is one that I would have probably overlooked but I am so glad she included this in my order!! I love the combinations for red, blue, white and black glitters. I thought it was going to looks a little too patriotic, but it doesn’t at all! And I really like the name of this. I put this over Color Club Lumin-icecent. I love how to colors pop! Totally recommend!!!

Mind Palace: This is probably my second favorite, another polish she had included for a review. It has a medium purple jelly base with white, silver, purple and black glitters. I love the combinations of hex and diamond shapes, You could layer this over a purple base color, but I like this on it’s own as well! Love it! ❀

LynBDesigns Shop:

What do you guys think!? πŸ˜€



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