Recent Holographic Frankens! <3

Hey everyone!!! Long time no post, I know, so sorry!! XD I’ve been incredibly busy but I promise I’ll try and keep up with the new posts! Most of you know I’ve been creating my own nail polishes and have been selling them online in my shop! I’ve had TONS of fun creating new colors and playing playing with glitter and of course I had to make some for my personal collection. These are a couple that I wanted to share with you!!

The first is Sheild of Armor, and the one on the right is Dazzle. Both contain small holographic silver glitters, and are so gorgeous in the light. It’s hard to keep your eyes off! Sheild of Armor is a metallic antique silver mica base with tiny holos mixed in. It creates such a unique yet luxe effect! Dazzle is a holographic top coat, you can use with any base! It really snazzes up your nails!!

Here’s a close up of the mani! (Two coats of Sheild of Armor and one coat of Dazzle) It reminds of a futuristic knight in space! lol Crazy I know, but this will keep me occupied for at least a few days 🙂 I have so many others I want to try! I’m planning on doing a nail haul and an updated storage post as I’ve greatly increased my collection.

I’ve had a lot of luck with my new base formula I’ve been using to create these. Can’t wait to share more of my creations!

What do you guys think!?



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