Franken Nail Polish Love! ❤

As you guys know, I’ve been experimenting with “frankening” polishes the past couple weeks, basically you mix a color or glitter into a whole new one!! It’s so much fun but there is a science to it all. You can’t use plain clear polish or all the glitters will fall to the bottom, and certain glitters bleed into to polish and tint the colors!! Not to mention the occasional glittery mess!!

I really love using holographic glitters, as they really add shine and pop off the nail!! so sparkly!!!! Wet N’ Wild’s Kaleidoscope is a perfect starting holographic polish base, as it’s cheap ($.99) you can add your own glitters and tints and it will look amazing!! Wet N’ Wild Hallucinate is another pretty one, again only $.99, and this has pretty tiny little iridescent white glitters inside. Just blend, blend, blend! You can use the rush to mix, but I usually end up using a metal wire to stir it up eventually.

Another things you can do it mix mineral pigments into your nail polish! It gives an amazing sheen and depth of color. This usually turns out to be more opaque as the pigments are much finer and you don’t have to use much to get a great color. I use my TKB pigments, as they are really good quality, and they have SO many colors to choose from! The very left three are pigment polishes, look how they gleem! It’s almost metallic looking!

Next are some more glitter polishes, most of these are jam packed with glitter, and I found that using different shapes and sizes really adds dimension to the polish!! Also mixing colors are are complimentary look really nice. I’m waiting on some shipments from TKB and Nailite so I can properly bottle and label my new collection!!! I ordered the Glamour suspension base so hopefully I can experiment with that as well. I’m planning to put some up for sale so stay tuned!!! 🙂

Here are some more, my favorite is “gifted” and “cocktail party”, I’ve been a busy little bee! Most of these are jellies or tinted glitter polishes with effects, but I will eventually make more opaque ones once I have the supplies, Let me know what colors and styles you guys like and I’ll try to make it!! 🙂 I really love hand crafting things and making custom blends that you can’t find in stores. It’s so much fun!

Overall, I LOVE doing this, hope you guys enjoy it too!! 🙂

Me wearing “Unicorn Tears” on top of Sinful Colors Rain Storm!

Let me know which ones are your favorite!! 🙂



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