DIY Glitter Nail Polish!

Hey everyone!!! I want to do a really exciting post about DIY glitter nail polish or “frankens!!” I’ve been really into glitter nail polish lately, but I feel like I see the same colors and combinations, and usually they get pretty pricey! I scoured the internet and found some pretty amazing things and decided to try it out myself. Here are some of my recent creations!! 🙂

Super pretty purple with dark blue hexagons and holo glitters, the photo doesn’t do it justice!!! I could stay at these all day. Basically, you can get a glitter polish that’s already made and add in any craft glitter combinations you choose, be sure not to use clear nail polish because it doesn’t work!! It needs some sort of base to keep the pretty glitters afloat. You can also purchase this sort of base at TKB Trading! (Waiting on shipment!) Also, some glitter bleed into the polish and slightly tint the polish, if you’re ok with that, it works!

This is Frou Frou, a pretty silver holo glitters, and sky blue and magenta hex mix, most of my creations have been jelly-type polishes. You can use them on their own for a hint of color and pretty glitters, or on top of a solid color to make things pop!! I’ve noticed polishes like this on black nail polish look amazing!!

This is a pigment polish that I experimented with, it does have tiny iredescent glitters, but the majority is a beautiful multi-faceted dark green mica, also available at TKB Trading! I believe this mica was called Blackstar Green, very mysterious but gorgeous!! Almost has a chameleon effect!

This is a gold glitter franken I call Angelica, It’s packed with gold, bronze, and brown micro glitters with some holo bars and hexes. Very elegant and glam! I’m really loving the holographic effects, super sparkly and shiny!! The finer the glitter is, the more dense the color gets, the larger the glitters the more sparse and more coats you have to use on your nails, depends on what you’re trying to go for!

Here’s Ice Queen on top of a cream pink polish, looks so much better than a boring old nail treatment!! This is cheap and fairly easy to do, I recommend everyone testing out some new colors and combination with some old polishes that are laying around, you never know what you can come up with!! 🙂

What do you think!?



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