Dr. Perricone Super Watercress Detox Elixer Review!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to do do a quick post about this Super by Dr. Perricone Detox Elixer with Watercress and Sulforaphane. It’ a 4oz spritz bottle and retails for about $30, I was lucky to get it at TJMaxx for $14!!! It’s basically a moisture/setting/detox spray for your skin! It can be used as a gentle exfoliator after cleansing, or as a refreshing mist sprayed throughout the day to wash away toxins and give you a fresh, flawless face.

Here’s the box, a little beat up on the bottom, as most TJMAxx boxes are, but that’s ok I’m planning to keep the box! I really like the packaging, super fun, bright, and modern, I’ve been really curious about his Super line, so I’m happy to give this a try at a great price. I usually stick with my Caudalie spray, but it can get expensive!!! Looking forward to seeing how this works!

The side of the box lists all the ingredients that it does NOT contain, it’s a very natural “green” spray, which I totally support! The box was also made from recycled paper! yay! 🙂

The bottle is awesome!! It also comes with a separate spray pump and a small paper that has a short blurb about Dr. Perricone and the product. Love it!! The spray itself smells really clean and fresh, kind of like lightly sweet cucumbers. The liquid absorbs quickly, and leaves a soft, clean finish when it dries. The only thing I would say is that the spray pump gives you a direct hit on the face! lol I wish it was more of a mist!! But overall, it’s great to use after your shower, mid-day pick me up, and as a setting spray. Cool!

Have you tried Dr. Perricone Super products??


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