Handcrafted Love – JewelBox!

I wanted to do a review for you guys about a new jewelry subscription service called JewelBox! It’s like Birchbox or Jewelmint, but every piece of jewelry you get is handcrafted and catered to you! It’s very new and very chic indeed! It’s $20/month, but you are not locked into a plan, you can buy one box or two, or none at all! If you love Etsy, you’ll love this.

Here the inside of the box, the box is a small jewelry box size box with pretty blue tissue paper inside. It has a thank you card with the website on the bottom. Each box is customized to you, all you do is fill out a questionnaire form on the website before you order, and then they send you a Paypal payment request. Finish the transaction and they start your order!

Such cute packaging!! I got ‘Boho Glamour’, each box has it’s own theme, you can be Urban Sophisticate, Boho Glamour, Free Spirit, Classic Chic, or choose a Mystery Box! Check them out here. I love the look of everything inside, a lot of attention to detail!

Here’s my piece of jewelry!!! It’s a pretty lilac stone chip bracelet, with gold metal. SO CUTE! 😀

There’s also a promo code included so you can get $10 off your next box which is nice! (SAVE10) Feel free to use it! 🙂

Here’s what the bracelet looks like! It’s very cute, dainty, and unique. The stones feel nice and authentic, and I love the gold chain?


What do you guys think!? 🙂



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