My Glossybox USA July 2012!

Hello beauties!! 🙂 Just wanted to do a quick post on my first Glossybox!! I’ve been drooling over all the Glossyboxes that I’ve been seeing all the UK girls get, and now it’s available in the US! For a hefty $21/month, you get up to 6 deluxe samples size products and atleast one full-size product.  Last time I tried to sign up, there were no available spaces but was fortunate enough to get the July both this month!

When opening the box, there’s a Glossymag, a short “magazine” on beauty products, tips, and special promos. Nice extra to put in the box!

The box itself is amazing, very high quality with cute black and pink detailing! Definitely going to keep this and re-use for craft or jewelry purposes!

Here’s the inside of the box, as usual there is pretty wrapping paper, a ribbon, and a card describing the theme and a little but about the company. Feels very luxe!

Here are all the products inside this box, it gives the description as well as the full-size value of each item! All the products seem to be more high end, excited to see the goodies!

Here’s my box, and honestly I was a bit underwhelmed, maybe because my Beautyfix box was such a great experience?? The items are very nice, and I can see myself using all of it, but something seems lacking. For $21/month, I expect more. It seems like a lot of the money goes the packaging and getting higher end items. I saw that a lot of people got the Senna Trio Eyeshadow and Geranium Balm, would have been more than happy to get those items instead. Sadly, this will be my first and last Glossybox. :/ Maybe I’ll try it again in the future.

Here are all thee items out of the box. The things that I most enjoyed was the Ofra Brow Pencil, Alessandro Heel Rescue Balm, and the Caswell Massey Hand & Body Emulsion samples. The Senna Lipgloss was horrible!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredibly sticky and not flattering. The Sebastian Color Ignite Shampoo and Conditioner was nice as well, the conditioner is foam!!! Very nice products! Wish they were larger. 🙂

What do you guys think?

Do you think it’s worth it?



  1. I got a pretty similar box. I got a lip/body balm and perfume towelette instead of your brow pencil and hand emulsion sample.The lipgloss, I agree, was HORRIBLE! I felt like I had put glue on my lips! lol. 🙂

    I felt the same way though, that the box was underwhelming even I technically got my money’s worth. For the brands they boast, I feel that the money goes into the packaging rather than the shipping or products….

    If you want to check out my review of this box:

    1. I think if I hadn’t gotten the lip gloss it wouldn’t been a different story, but overall, I don’t think these boxes are worth the $21/month. :/ Yes the items are “higher end” but I’d rather get some full size items that I’m going to use up, than a bunch of things that I won’t really enjoy for a higher price. I really like Beautyfix because you can choose your products, a lot of them full size! A better value also!

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