July’s Birchbox Glamour Edition!

Hi everyone! I can’t believe it’s that time of the month again, and by that I mean Birchbox!!!! 😀 I was intrigued by this month’s theme and collaboration with Glamour Magazine, as it was supposed to be about the five senses. I really like the packaging, really fun and bright!

As always, there is a little card as an introduction, describing the theme and some of the items that are in the box! This box is supposed to stimulate your sense and help you have a vibrant and gorgeous summer!

These are the items that I got, I was happy to see some makeup items, and also a couple lifestyle extras!! SUPER excited about the Stila lipglaze and the bronzer! Also very happy about the ear buds because I can never have too many of those!

Ahhh!!! Such a fun array of colors!! I’m pretty happy with this months box, definitely worth the $10! I’m not too fond of food items in these type of subscriptions, but I’ll give it a try.

These are the ear buds I got, super cute and SO bright!! I can’t wait to use these at work! Hopefully the sound quality is ok on these.

This is the Coco de Soliel Gloss Moderne High-Gloss Masque. It’s a hair mask! You’re supposed to use it on damp hair and let it soak in then rinse. It smells AMAZING, like coconut!! The texture is actually pretty rich, but seems to absorb quickly! Can’t wait to use this!!

OMG! A Stila lip glaze! It’s in the color Camera, and in the tube it looks very pretty! A great summer color with a lot of shimmer. I believe this is part of a trio Stila is coming out with, I’m guessing they are Lights, Camera, Action? We’ll see! It has a brush tip applicator and functions as a click pen. Not a huge fan of these type of glosses but I’ll give it a try! The formula is SUPER thick and sticky and goes on very sheer. On the lips they do feel slightly tingly and smell like vanilla-mint. Glad I got to try this because I would not be a fan if I bought it!

This is the Harvey Prince Hello perfume. It has notes of meyer lemon, grapefruit, forsythia, and plumeria. It’s a very clean and fresh scent but has a little depth. Smells primarily like citrus and florals. I would almost say that this could even be a uni-sex fragrance! I like the fact that the sample has a spritz top, makes it easier to test than the ones that just have stoppers on top!

This is the Larbar Uber Sweet & Salty Fruit and Nut Bar in Bananas Foster. The packaging is very cute, and the bar feels very dense and sticky! It has ALOT of nuts, and this little guy has 130 calories ALL ON IT’S OWN! O.O I took a bite and didn’t like it very much (not a huge fan of nuts) so I gave the rest to my husband and he described it as a banana nut muffin without the muffin. lol

Lastly is the Ada Cosmetics Golden Bronzer. It’s an all natural product which I’m a huge fan of, and I’m happy to see that the ingredients are all things that I know! The color in the jar looks very shimmery gold so I was afraid it would be too glittery but it wasn’t! It’s also made in the U.S. which is nice to see.

The sample is a 1 gram jar, which is a pretty decent amount! It’s a tiny sifter jar with the logo sticker on top. I’ve never heard of Ada, but I’m happy to try new natural/organic beauty products! The powder itself is VERY smooth, probably coming from the arrowroot powder, and your get the great color and shimmer from the gold micas. Overall I do like this much because of the highlighting properties of this, I wouldn’t use it all over the face. Right at the height of your cheekbones and nose would be the best! Even would be good as an eyeshadow. Great product!

Another little card tucked away at the bottom of the box, a little promo for the new Birchbox magazine! Will check it out. 🙂

I’ve been trying to let my nails grow out lately and have been obsessed with painting them!! Toady I’m wearing Sally Hansen Hard as Nails X-Treme Wear Pacific Blue. Awesome bright blue color, kinda matches the birchbox!!

What do you guys think?! 🙂


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