MUA Haul!

Hi everyone!! I’m super excited about this haul, it’s from a UK company called MUA! They are kind of like ELF as they offer makeup products for a very reasonable price, but the quality is much better in my opinion!! Especially the shadows! I got a little while back when they were having a promo of getting a free Glamour Days Palette with your purchase, so lucky!!

Here are the two palettes I got, the free Glamour Days Palette, and the Immaculate Palette! I was so excited to try these, I’ve heard many great reviews, and can’t wait to use them!! Plus a great value since you get so many colors! The only thing is it’s about $12 international shipping off the website, if you can past that, it’s amazingly worth it!

I also couldn’t resist these lipsticks, I believe they were only 1 pound each (about $1.50)!! The quality of these are amazing for the price, and the color range is pretty nice!

I got a total of four shades, (L to R) Shade 16, Shade 4, Shade 15 Juicy, and Shade 5. I really like these lipsticks, the consistency is slick and moisturizing, with good pigmentation! You can wear them sheer or build them up for more color. They make my lips look great!

Here they are out of the tube, so pretty!! 🙂

Swatches L to R: Shade 16, Shade 4, Shade 15 Juicy, and Shade 5

Here is the free Glamour Days palette I got, such pretty everyday, summery colors!

I comes with 12 shades and a long applicator. I really like these colors, especially the matte camel and shimmery gold! The texture of these shadows are super smooth and blendable, and very pigmented! They can be a little soft so you have to be careful you’re not digging your brush into the pans! Overall, love it!!

Some swatches!

Love the neutral shades!

This is the immaculate palette, I’ve been eyeing this for a while now! It comes with 24 gorgeous shades, you can make endlessly bold looks with this!!

I love all the deep blues and greens, very pretty!

Some swatches!

This is a single MUA eyeshadow in 23 Pearl. Another 1 pound find!! I really like this color, very flattering shimmery cornflower blue, the pan is pretty large too!!

The texture again is very good with these, very smooth and buttery with great pigmentation! I packaging is a bit cheap feeling, but it does the job, It would also be pretty easy to de-pot if you wanted to.

Swatch MUA Single Eyeshadow in Shade 23 Pearl

What do you guys think!? 🙂



    1. it’s definitely worth it! Sleek products are a bit more expensive, so I’m sure it all equals out in the end! MUA has items for £1-4! Check them out!

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