Recent Summer Skin + Nail Haulage!!

Hi everyone!!!! I’ve missed blogging so much!! I thought I’d do a quick post on some things that I’ve gotten over the past couple weeks! It’s been really hot where I am, (90-100 degrees!!!) and I’ve been doing my best to stay cool and use products that are going to do me justice! Although, I’ve been going to the drugstore and a few things have caught my eye!

This is the Loreal True Match Lumi Liquid Foundation with SPF 20. I’ve seen a lot of reviews on this foundation, and I was very curious about it! I’ve pretty much stuck with Revlon as my go-to drugstore brand, but Loreal as been producing some interesting things lately! I was very happy that this contained some SPF to protect me from the summer sun!

The color I got was W4 Warm Natural Beige, they do have another color options for neutral or fair skin. The packaging is a glass bottle pump with clear plastic lid. It’s pretty sturdy and I’m not one to carry around my foundations so it does just fine in my storage. I’ve been happy with some other products for their Lumi line, so I was happy to give this a go.

Here’s the product on my hand, it’s very liquidy and a little runny, but that makes it easily blendable. I didn’t see ANY glitter or shimmer which made me very happy!

This is the foundation spread out a bit, as you can see, it has decent coverage for this kind of foundation, but I would day this is a light to medium coverage formula. It smells light and nice, and the texture is very smooth and silky to the touch.

Here it is completely blended into my skin, it leaves an amazing soft focus glow, and a slight dewy/satin finish! Lovely!!! I feel that is nicely evens out my skin and makes my skin look perfected and luminous. Although, I wouldn’t recommend this to people with oily skin as it is dewy!! Setting this with powder should also help make it last. (Although this heat does not help!! >.<)

This is the Caudalie Grape Water Moisturizing Spray, this I got online off, and I have been a fan of this little beauty for a while!! This is actually a smaller back up of one that I already own, it’s incredibly versatile and can be used at any time in the day. I use it as a makeup setting spray, refreshing mist, after shower mist, when I feel hot, when my skin feels dry, and to seal in my skincare at night. It feels very fresh on the skin and lightly moisturized. It really feels like water! It does have good for you things in it, LOVE it!!!

These are a couple new things that I picked up, the Sally Hasen Salon Base Coat and Top Coat. The bottles are so pretty!!! The top coat claims to keep my manicure lasting for up to 10 days so that made me really wanting to try it out!! Also, the base coat is something that I’ve been wanting to try, I rarely ever used base coat but I thought I should start since I’m painting my nails more and more!

Here the box of the Bast Coat, I was really attracted to the fact it had natural marine ingredients and Biotin which I know is a strengthener! It creates a nice jelly-like base for the nail polish to glide on top of, really makes the finished nails look smooth and glossy! The top coat is also a little gel-like takes a little bit to dry, but makes my nails looks really shiny and locks in the color! I will test it on one hand and see how long it will last! 🙂

Couple more nails things I got are these two OPI Nail Polishes, one is a powdery lavender grey color with tiny gold reflects, and the other is a bright summery pink! I almost stopped in my tracks when I saw these HAD to get them!!

The two colors are “Feelin’ Hot-Hot Hot!” and “I Don’t Give a Rotterdam” from the Holland Collection. Can’t wait to try these beauties out!!

Last but not least, is this Aveeno Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Daily Scrub. I ran out of my usual exfoliating scrub and decided picked this up. It has tiny micro-exfoliators in it, but is gentle to the skin. It smells really nice and makes my skin feels clean and soft! It also kept my combo skin balanced and didn’t break me out. Great stuff!!

What do you guys think!? 🙂



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