June 2012 Birchbox vs. MyGlam!


Hey everyone!! So I got my MyGlam bag and by Birchbox on the same day! I was really excited this month to see what I would get, especially MyGlam since I’ve heard that they’ve stepped it up in terms of products!! Birchbox was a total surprise since they don’t really tell you what you’re going to get. I though this was a good opportunity to compare the two beauty services, and see which one wins this month!


This month’s MyGlam bag was the “Out All Night” theme. It has the beautiful Andrea on the front, looks like she’s at the club? MyGlam has been a hit or miss service for me in the past, but was very excited to give this month a try to see if they would redeem themselves!


Here are all the products we are getting this month!!! SO happy with this months bag!! I even actually like the bag itself! Very cute and sparkly, and caneven see myself using it in the future! We got the Philosophy Take a Deep Breath Oxygen Gel Moisturizer, the NYX Round Lipstick (awesome!!), Living Proof Mourishing Styling cream (amazing!!) and the Marbella Permanent Eyeliner Pen. Can’t wait to use these!!!


We also got these promotional cards, one for Living Proof and the other for Philosophy products. Great little deals if you like the products and decide to get the full size! πŸ™‚


Here are the cards for Birchbox, the theme this month is Jet Set, so I’m guessing this box is filled with on the go items useful for travel! The other card is a promotion for ModCloth.com, maybe there is a ModCloth item???


Here’s the back of the card with all the samples this month, there are actually quite a bit!! The Beauty Blender Cleanser, Comodynes Self-Tanning Towelettes, COOLA Cucumber Matte Mineral SPF 30, Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tine (excited for this one!), theBalm Stainiac (yay!), and a couple lifestyle extras: Modcloth Headbans, and a Colonge sample promoting Birchbox Man. I’d say the value in this month’s box is definitely there!! The headband alone retails for $14!!


Here are the products for MyGlam!! OMG SO happy with this bag! It’s an amazing step up from the past few months, and since I didn’t get the chance to get the amazing December launch bag, I was waiting and waiting for a bag to excite me as much as that one did, and this one does!! I can actually see myself using every single one of these products on a daily basis, so glad I hung in there and gave them another chance! The Living Proof Nourishing Styling Cream has got to be my fav so far, although the other products are fab also!! I’ve been a fan of the NYX Round Lipsticks, and I got the shade Iced Honey which is a frosty nude shade. Applied lightly it can be flattering. The Marbella Eyeliner is a great addition as I LOVE eyeliners. This ones claims to be “permanent” and is in fact a very long lasting liner! Definitely smudge proof, but note not waterproof!


Here is the Birchbox box. The samples at first didn’t really wow me, and the things I actually liked and wanted to try were TINY!! aka theBalm Stainiac and Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint. The Beauty Blender Cleanser I really have no use for, and the cologne I just passed on to my husband. The headband is very cute and was a surprise! I has a bendy metal piece throughout it so you can bend it to hold it’s shape on your head, which is pretty cool! The COOLA SPF 30 I will use up when I go to the pool probably, and the self tanning wipes I’ll give a try. Overall, happy with this month’s box but not ecstatic. I heard some people got full size Stila One Step Bronzers!!!! Wish I had gotten that 😦

Overall: MyGlam wins this month!!!!!!

What did you guys get?! πŸ™‚



  1. Looks like Birchbox and Myglam had some great items this month. I signed up for Birchbox today so I can’t wait to see my box next month. I was going to sign up for myglam as well but I have heard some negative reviews on the customer service.

    1. Hi! awesome! I can understand the hesitation with MyGlam, it seems they’ve stepped up their game after hearing all the complaints, fingers crossed they continue this path!!

    1. Yeah!! The Stainiac seems to be the most common product within all the boxes so I’m sure you’ll get that!! It’s a gel-like lip stain from the Balm! It goes on sheer but can build up color, and lasts longer than a lipstick or gloss!

  2. The lipstick I got in MyGlam is called Chloe, and is a magenta type shimmer. It’s pretty enough, but I’m not a big lipstick wearer. I’m excited for the eyeliner though. Now I’m just waiting for my items from the lookbag.

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