Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer Review!

This is one of the items I recently got in my Sephora haul, it’s the Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer. Hourglass is a relatively new brand for me, but I’ve heard many good things about it! It is a bit more costly than some other brands, but the quality is very good, and paraben free!

Here’s the top of the box, just says mineral primer. It was very unsuspecting on the Sephora stand, I liked packaging of everything, but this primer stood out for some reason! I’ve had pretty bad luck with primers in the past either not making my makeup stay on any longer, or making me break out.  I was hoping this would be different, and it is!!

The Sephora website says: “This clean, satin-finish formula helps keep makeup looking fresh and prevents fading. Veil Mineral Primer also absorbs excess oils and minimizes the appearance of pores by evenly distributing light to help hide and soften skin imperfections and fine lines.” Here’s the side of the bottle, it says Mineral “Veil” Primer, pretty simple sleek packaging, the bottle itself is all glass and the pump is plastic. It also has SPF 15!!

The size of this bottle is a little small, it only has about .33oz for $18, but they do sell a much larger version. I just wanted to try it so I didn’t want to invest in the full size amount!

The pump is pretty nice, I’m really fond of products that have a pump, it’s convenient, and hygienic. The pump is small and the product itself it pretty liquidy, so you only really need a small amount to use on your entire face!

Here’s the product pumped out onto my wrist (kitty in the background!) as you see, it’s very milky and fluid like, it does quickly disappear onto the skin, and leaves a nice smooth surface to apply makeup. It doesn’t feel greasy and is incredibly light! The is probably the best primer I’ve used this far!! I performs amazing with powder foundations.

Here it is completely blended onto my skin, it’s very light, quickly absorbs, and is not irritating to the skin!

What do you guys think?!




    1. Hi! Yes! I’d say it lasted me about 5-6 hours of wear. It’s not heavy on the skin, and it makes my skin look flawless!! Although I have not tried it with a liquid foundation yet, just concealer & powder!

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