Ulta Lippie Haul! : Essence Lipstick, Lip Gloss and Korres Lip Butter!:)

Quick little haul for you guys today, decided to stop by Ulta to check out what they have since I had a 20% off coupon with me! I need some everyday lippies to take to work with me in my purse, (like I need anymore lol) and found some GEMS!!!! This is the Essence Lipstick in Coralize Me. IT IS AMAZING, I ABSOLUTELY love this thing. First of all, it’s $2.50. Second of all, the color is gorgeous, perfect for me in the summer, and third, it is SO hydrating!!

The packaging is nothing flashy, but for $2.50 I guess you can’t complain. here’s a close up of the bullet so you can see the color. It just looks so delicious!! lol I wanted to get back ups of this right away. The color is a perfect light peachy pink coral color that tints my lips in the perfect way. It does have a little shimmer, but I can hardly notice. The formula again is VERY hydrating and is the perfect work lipstick for me. Can’t say enough about it!!

Here’s the bottom of the lipstick, it has the color, ‘Coralize Me’ and the number 55.

Swatch: Essence Lipstick in Coralize Me

Next thing I got was the Korres Lip Butter in Pomegranite. I used my 20% off coupon on this and got it for $9! I thought it was a good deal. These little lip butters have been raved about, but this is my first one that I own!

The packaging is really nice and modern, and Korres is known for being eco friendly and using natural ingredients. I really like the size of these butters, perfect to throw into my purse!

Here’s what it looks like, I really love the bright color to represent the color of the lip butter and the nice type treatment. (My designer side coming out in me! lol)

Here’s what it looks like!! Such a fab color, the texture is amazing, very buttery! lol I feels very hydrating and it gives a really nice flush of color to the lips. I can’t wait to use this!!

Lastly I got this Essence XXXL Nude Lip Gloss in Nude Kiss. These have been compared to the Too Faced Glamour Glosses! I haven’t tried the Too Faced ones, but these are AMAZING, At $2 each, they are a hit! The color is great, the formula is very nice and not sticky, and the smell is pleasant! This makes my lips looks full and shiny! Can’t ask for much more out of a lip gloss!

Swatch: Essence XXXL Nude Lip Gloss in Nude Kiss

Nail update!! Sky blue with tiny silver shimmers! πŸ™‚

What do you guys think!?



  1. I’ve always walked by the Essence lipsticks but never bothered to take a look. I think I’ll stop one time and check it out cause that color looks so pretty for only $2.50!

    I have the Korres Butter in guava I think…very bright and orangey but I love it! $9 is such a steal!

    1. Hi! I really like this one! I swatched some others in the store, they all definitely wear more sheer to medium pigmentation. Love it!! Loving the Korres as well!

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