May MyGlam Bag 2012 Review!! ♥

Guess what came in the mail today!! My MyGlam bag! SO love getting happy things in the mail. I’ve been on the fence about MyGlam, as some of their products I just don’t really care for. Ideally I would like to see more makeup products, but I think they’ve caught onto the Glammie’s demands on that. They’re still missing the mark a little for me, but decided to give them another chance in June. Here’s what I got!! 🙂

First, it came with a card like they all do, this month’s theme is “Love is in the Air”! There a cute photo of one of the MyGlam gurus and a kiss mark to go along with a theme! I thought that was clever since I knew we were all getting lipsticks this months!!

Here’s the back of the card, it just lists all the items we received and a small description. I would like if they included the dollar value of each like Birchbox! Anyway, we received 4 items this month, let’s see what I got!!

This is what the bag looks like, it’s a shiny blue material with pink kiss marks, I’m really not a fan of these bags we get every month, since I really have no use for them. I really wish they would invest the money they spend on these cheap bags for better makeup products!!! :/

First thing I got were these Nail Bling Nail Stickers, I don’t mind nail products, but I don’t really see myself wanting to purchase these after trying them. That’s kind of what I like about Birchbox more,  they usually have products that I want to purchase in full size! Although I wasn’t too impressed with this, it was a fun extra. Will try in the future!

The second thing I found was this perfume sample of Philosophy Love Sweet Love. I haven’t smelled that many Philosophy fragrances, but the ones I have tried are very light, sweet, floral, or clean. Based on the packaging, I’m guessing it falls within the same family.

The perfume vial is larger than most vials I’ve seen which is nice! I’d prefer that it had a spray top but still it’s nice. The fragrance it a very young, sweet, clean, floral scent. I can see young girls in their teens enjoying this! Nothing special for me, I will keep this around as a backup.

Now these I like! They are the remaining makeup brushes that have been coming with each Glam bag the past couple months. One is a concealer brush, and the other is a defining eyeliner brush! I actually really like the brushes that have been coming, so I’m happy to see this! Yay!

Here’s a close up if the brushes. The bristles are soft yet stiff enough to create sharp lines. I also really like the pink handles and MyGlam logo! 🙂

Last but not least is the main item that everyone has been waiting for!! The Studio Gear Complete Color Intensely Professional Lipstick. This is a full size product worth $15 which pays for the bag itself! I’ve never heard of this brand before but I’m really excited to find out more!

I got it in the shade in Autumn Red. I’ve seen a lot of reviews on this where people were a little disappointed on the colors they received. I don’t wear that much red lipstick but am willing to give it a chance!! I can always mix it with another shade to tone it down. 🙂

The packaging is a nice sturdy matte black casing, with the SG logo on the top. It feels really nice and somewhat high end! A description off the Ulta website: “This luxurious lipstick contains revolutionary spheres of mega-moisturizer hyaluronic acid and folic acid, a vitamin B derivative that actually plumps your lips.”

The color is a deep coppery red color. Not a color I would ever buy, but like I said, I will give it a chance! The formula is actually really nice, very moisturizing and pretty pigmented! It has somewhat long wear and can be worn sheer of built up for rich color. I would have preferred a nice nude, pink, coral, or plum shade, but let’s check it out!

Here’s a swatch: Studio Gear Complete Color Intensely Professional Lipstick in Autumn Red

Here’s what it looks like applied lightly! I actually kinda like it!!! Good thing I gave it a chance!

What do you guys think of MyGlam!?

Do you think it’s worth it?



    1. Thanks!! Technically you can get perfume samples for free at a Sephora or any place that sells perfume, but I guess it’s nice to try thing that you wouldn’t normally try!

  1. I love seeing these reviews because its a preview to what will be in my mail soon. I also liked most of the brushes. The lipstick looks wonderful on you, I wonder what color I’ll get. Oh and your nails are so awesome, did you do the sponging?

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