Purple Ombre Glitter Nail Art Tutorial!!

Hi everyone!! Just thought I’d share my quick nail art tutorial. Of course you don’t have to get the nail tips, you can do this on your natural nails!!! I, on the other hand have been biting my nails, so have to use this method to stop myself. lol I got this Kiss 200 Full Cover Nail Set at Walmart and comes with various nail sizes and a small nail glue. I prefer the “Short Square” shape, although they aren’t that short at all!!!

Here’s what the set looks like, so many ideas pop into my head when I looks at all these blank nails!!! Luckily there are enough sizes in here so I can find the ones that fit my nails best, the nails are sturdy yet not too stiff, and a semi translucent color. The nail glue is a Kiss Maximum Speed Nail Glue, (aka Super Glue lol) that you can use on your nails. I prefer have at least a thin layer on top of on my natural nails before applying glue just for extra protection!

First what I did was sort our all the nails that fit on each of my fingers nicely. I put them in order so I know which one is which!!

Second, I trimmed them down to a comfortable length and shaped them to what I liked. I don’t like sharp edges!!! 🙂

Next I picked out some nail colors and started getting some ideas, this set will be the purple glitter ombre!!! I chose the Forver21 Love & Beauty Polish in Lavender as my base. Can’t wait!! 🙂

For easier application, I wrapped a q-tip with some tape sticky side out and pressed the nail onto it right at the tip. This makes it easy to apply the nail polish and also remove it onto my paper towel. You have to be careful or they might just pop off!!!

Once all the nails were perfectly painted, I set them on a piece of paper towel to dry. While I waited, I applied a thin layer of clear top coat to my natural nails to give them a little extra protection from the nail glue. Nail glue is essentially Super Glue so I thought this might be a little safer for my nails.

I then applied a small drop of nail glue to my dried nails and pressed each artificial nail onto them counting to 20. After all of them were dried, I applied a layer of topcoat!

Then get the glitter polish you want to use and get ready to apply!! I used Sephora Sugar Plum Faeries Gone Wild for a nice ombre effect. I’m also using Sally Hansen Diamond Strength No Chip Top Coat.

Start at the bottom half of your nails and slowly concentrate the application and glitter at the tips. You can do this within several layers to get the true gradient effect. Let them dry, and apply a generous layer of top coat to finish!! 🙂

Now you’re finished!! You might need to re-apply nail glue from time to time, as they do tend to pop off randomly, especially if you use your hands a lot! Keep your nail glue handy!

What do you think?!



  1. nail covers always scared me because I never wanted to shave down my nails like you do for acrylics & apply glue. This looks much safer. I can’t believe I never considered doing them this way. Really love how the nails came out 🙂

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