TKB & MyMix Haul!!

Yay! TKB Trading! I feel like this is one of those companies that just exploded because of the online beauty community. TKB Trading is an online store where they sell wholesale pigments, dyes, lip products, containers, and DIY makeup things so you can create your own eyeshadow, blush, lipstick and more. I’ve been a fan of their pigments for a LONG time, and have an extensive collection, but I decided to venture into their lip world and take a look!

I got these six lipstick bases, that you can use alone or mix together with other ingredients to make custom lip products. I decided to use them as is since they were so great as is!! They each came in a stack-able container that you can screw together to get this tower. It’s a pretty convenient way to store these little lippies! Each color pot is $1.25 for 8 grams!!!! Which is an AMAZING deal! (Considering most lipsticks are around 3 grams!)

Here are the six colors I got, each one has great pigmentation and has a medium gloss consistency. They feel incredibly moisturizing and smooth on my lips, and I usually use a lip brush to apply them. The pigmentation is amazing, and the color is quickly buildable on the lips. The beauty of these is that you can mix whatever colors you want to create colors for your lips! You can also get them with 20 or 100 grams worth of product to create larger amounts of lip creations.

Here’s the back of each pan so you can see the colors. My favorites are Moonlight Sonata and Cupcake. Moonlight Sonata is an amazing pinky-coral color, and Cupcake is an amazing blue based pink-fushia color. The others are just as amazing as well, but will probably wear them on special occasions since they are a bit brighter!

Swatches L to R: Moonlight Sonata, Cupcake, Bella’s Kiss, Bonjour, Wild Cat, Rose Bloom

Wearing Moonlight Sonata mixed with Cupcake!!

Another little thing I got was this Pearl Blue Pigment sample for $1.50! I have A LOT of these sample sizes since each “sample” size has an exorbitant amount of product!! More than enough for personal use. Again, you can use them as is, or mix with other pigment colors to create custom pigment eyeshadow! The shimmer effect in this is gorgeous and is incredibly pigmented. You do want to use some sort of base for staying power, but these pigments looks amazing on the skin. Check out their other colors here!!! They have TONS!!

Swatch: Pearl Blue Pigment

What do you guys think!? 😀


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