Makeup Collection & Storage!!!!!!! :D

Hi everyone! Here is my ever growing makeup collection and storage. It’s taken me a few years to get to this point and even now sometimes I feel like “What happened!?!?” Get ready to feel overwhelmed and claustrophobic. lol I’ve decided to do this post since there were some votes to see it in my sidebar poll!! This will not be an in depth post, but just so you guys can see how I set up my makeup storage and everything else! Let me know if you guys want to see anything specific!! πŸ™‚

I have 6 clear plastic drawers from the Container Store stacked up on top of each other. Each cube has 3 drawers and cute little silver knob handles. Each one is about $11! (Find them here.) You can configure them however you like, but I recently rearranged them like this for now. Initially I had 2 taller towers, 3 on each side. I decided to set them this way so I can actually get back to the ledge on the mirror. I really like these clear cubes, I was inspired by the Kardashian style clear cubes!!

This is the top of my makeup storage. I have a box filled with my BB Creams and other miscellaneous things that I use on a daily bases. (It’s the Joliebox that Love212 sent me!! πŸ™‚ ) Behind that on the ledge I keep my skincare products, my brushes, and some eye pencils. My skincare is in it’s own compartmentalized container that I got from TJMaxx. I think initially they are meant for jewelry storage. My brushes I keep in a mirrored vase that I got from Hobby Lobby, and the pencils I keep in a spare espresso cup!

Here’s a close up of my brushes. Dirty I know!! lol They are a hodge podge of Mac brushes, Sonia Kashuk, Ebay, drugstore, and ELF brushes. I use them all surprisingly for different things. I lloooovveee the Sonia Kashuk brush that I got recently for my BB Creams. It is perfect!! You can read my review about it here. To keep all my brushes visible, I just put some glass beads in the bottom of the vase so they stick up further, but you can use any sort of vase filler!

Behind is all my skin care products. (The reflection in the mirror makes it seem like there’s more than there is! XD) There is a mixture of Estee Lauder, Caudalie, Mac, Booth No.7, Lancome, L’Occitane, and carious other brands. Most of the items are toners, makeup remover, setting sprays, cleansers, moisturizer, and some serums. I cannot live without this tray of goodies. I use them all religiously everyday!!

Here’s the first box on top of the makeup cubes. I decided to put all my BB Creams in here! So far I’ve accumulated 7 in total, and I really like them all. My favorite so far has to be the Missha, Skinfood, and Lioele. The other ones are great to, but I just haven’t been using them as much because it’s summer. I think one it gets colder I will be reaching for them more because they are more moisturizing.

This is my Boots No. 7 Makeup Remover Wipes that I keep handy. These are by far my favorite remover wipes. They are rather inexpensive and work really well!! It smells fresh and clean and doesn’t sting my eyes. It even removes waterproof makeup and mascara. Love this so much!!! I always keep back ups. πŸ™‚

Here are my two palettes that I keep laying around. One is the Sleek Storm palette that I got in a recent makeup swap, read about it here, and the other are my Flirt Cosmetics Eyeshadows that I keep in my Mac palette. Flirt makeup is exclusively sold in Kohl’s stores and didn’t know about them till last year. They came out with a holiday palette with 40 full size eyeshadows for $20!! I decided to de-pot them and put them in my empty Mac palette, they fit perfectly! I have the other colors in a different palette that I keep in my drawers. The original box they came in was just to bulky!

This is the Sleek Storm palette, very popular here in the blog and Youtube world, so lucky to have received it my my US/UK makeup swap! The colors are gorgeous, and very pigmented. The texture is very smooth and velvety and you can create amazing smokey looks with this! Love it so much!

Here’s what my Mac palette looks like with the Flirt eyeshadows. I decided to put all my neutral shades in here so I have some go to colors for everyday looks. These eyeshadows are very smooth and very pigmented. They blend easily and have pretty decent staying power. The set that it originally came it had a lot of different colors and I really liked them all! Take a look here!

Here’s my first drawer in mt bathroom, I just keep all my back ups and some items that I’m not currently using. Sometimes I’ll pull something out so I can get use out of it! I also keep all the boxes that my makeup comes in so that probably doesn’t help in terms of space :/

My other drawer has all my nail polishes and nail stuff! I really like this drawer because I feel like I see a different color every time I open it! Sometimes I just close my eyes and pick one to put on for the day. Hope this wasn’t TOO long of a post! Would love to see how you guys store all your makeup!! πŸ™‚

What do you guys think!?



  1. that is so organized, I am so jealous (and lazy!) haha, thank you for inspiring me! I have a couple of jumbled boxes here and there, and other items jammed in the cabinet behind the mirror…eeek!

    1. Haha don’t worry! There are lots of ways to organize!! I use old boxes that I had around and set items in there before I got my storage stuff!

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