Wet N’ Wild Coloricon Eye Liner Pencil Review!

Hey everyone!! I wanted to do a quick post on the Wet N’ Wild Coloricon Eye Liner Pencils! They sell for about .99 cents each at any drugstore that carries Wet N’ Wild. I was curious to see if these were any good about a year ago, and was attracted to the color range. The pencils say “Smooth, new, formula” so I was willing to give them a try!

Here are all the colors I have, there are a few more that exist in the collection. They go from black, brown, white, purples, blues, and greens. I use the Mink Brown the most, but also really love the Amethyst and Sky Blue color for under my lower lash line for a pop of color! The White and Black are VERY opaque!

The pencils are really long, and for .99 cents you’re getting a lot of product! If anything it’s worth a try if you haven’t tried these pencils yet. The texture is very smooth and buttery, and the pigmentation is great! They can smudge throughout the day if you are in warm weather, but overall the color is there at the end of the day!

Swatches: Wet N’ Wild Coloricon Eye Liner Pencil in White, Mink Brown, Black, Deep Blue, Purple, Amethyst, Sky Blue, Cool Green and Green

What do you think?!



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