Fake MAC Pigments from Ebay?

Ooook. I’m going to talk about something a bit controversial. Fake MAC pigments or fake MAC products in general. I was scoping through Ebay the other week and saw that someone from China was selling some eyeshadow pigments for a VERY affordable price (under $5 each) for what looked like was MAC pigments!! I had never tried any MAC pigments so I was curious to see what it was like. I ordered a few, but this was the first to arrive. Curious enough, something was array! It looked a little cheap?? o.0

The packaging at first was very convincing, but a few things felt a little different. The giant sticker on the top of the box seemed like it was a little larger than the usual sticker size MAC uses on their eyeshadows and in the wrong place, but ok, I’ll let that slide. Also the bottom of the box had the the bar code PRINTED on the box instead of it being a sticker which was a bit weird!!

Here’s the side of the box, everything seemed ok, except for the alignment of the text wasn’t quite centered from top to bottom. Also I didn’t see any batch number printed on this anywhere! It was also missing the list of ingredients that is usually printed on one side of the box.

The pigment itself look pretty real!! The packaging is the SAME, but again there is that weird giant sticker on the bottom of the jar. The logo looked similar, but there was some “dirty” areas where the ink has been misprinted on the jar. The back of the jar has it’s usually writings, but again the alignment was a bit off! Overall, it is very hard to tell the difference!!

The box also came with a paper insert with 6 DIFFERENT sets of ingredients, and a cautionary note. The cautionary note just listed the pigments that should not be used on the lips. The ingredients lists were a bit daunting, but NONE of them had Mica as it’s first ingredient like it should. It listed the fillers first, then the micas and colorants last. It also had Talc (can clog pores and is not good for sensitive skin but is oil absorbing, and gives slip and silky texture to powders) as one of the main ingredients which I know is a filler that is not used in the authentic MAC pigments. (I know a lot of drugstore makeup brands do use Talc as an ingredient in their products as well.) The other ingredients listed are also used in the original MAC pigments.

When opening the cap, there was something that was totally noticeably not supposed to be there!! lol There was a strange lid or cap with a little tube hole in the center, I guess to keep the product in?? The authentic Mac does not have this!!

Swatches: Left is Fake Mac Deep Blue Green pigment with Elf Eyelid Primer, Right is without. Staying power is not that great on it’s own!! Needs primer or a base.

Here is what it looks like on my lids, what do you guys think??? Would you go for fake MAC pigments for the price??

Also should note: I have not experienced any discomfort or irritation on my skin and eyes after using this product! Will probably continue to use it up since I already bought it :p

Here is what the authentic MAC Deep Blue Green pigment should look like!!!!



  1. That was interesting. I’ve never bought any of my makeup from ebay, and I’m not a big user of MAC…I guess I’d be weary of any price that seems too good to be true. It looked like a nice shade on you though. 🙂

    1. I looooove Ebay usually because you can find such great deals on name brands and other items. Haha I guess I can keep using it since it does have great pigmentation.

  2. I think I would buy fake mac pigments because they are loose eyeshadows nonetheless. Loose shadow like OCC or Maybelline aren’t Mac pigments but they don’t advertise as such either. That’s what turns me off is that they deceive. Don’t don’t need to advertise these as Mac Pigments. they could just be a no name brand and people might still buy them. Just my opinion.
    Thanks for sharing. The color is pretty though.

    1. Yes I agree! I wish they would just take off the Mac label and sell them as just they are. I’m sure people would still get them. I was looking again on Ebay and saw some were changed to “Nac” lol

  3. I have always been weary about buying make up on ebay. Especially MAC ones since there are so many fake ones out there! I’m sure a lot of these products aren’t bad, but I just don’t like how they are pretending to be some other brand.

    Thanks a lot for sharing!

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