H&M and Forever21 Haul!

I was at H&M today to get some more black leggings and of course there are things that I must get. I also stopped by Forever21 to see if they had anything new in stock. lol Today I was more interested in jewelry! I just started a new job and thought these pieces subtly spruce up an outfit.

These two rings are from Forever21, I really liked the gold and rusty gold tones, and the overall designs. Forever 21 jewelry is rather inexpensive so I didn’t feel too bad getting them. I absolutely LOOOVE these rings, can’t wait to wear them!!

This is the first ring. There are 3 stacks of pounded rusty gold rings that have a swivel feature so they stay together. I really thought that was neat! I wanted to get a smaller size so I could wear it on my pinky. I really like the look of this ring and how simple/modern it is. Love it!

Here are the other rings, I reallyyy liked the smaller gold toned ring. I liked that it was simple butΒ  interesting with the pyramids on the top. I really liked the other one too, but I can see myself wearing these on their own separately depending on what I’m wearing, like these a lot!!

This is what I got from H&M, It’s a set of 3 thin leather bracelets with letter beads on them. I really liked how dainty these were but still really fun. They each say “London”, “Paris” and “New York”. I can see myself wearing these separately and together with casual outfits! It was only $5.95, win!!

Wearing all the bracelet on my wrist, love it!!! πŸ™‚

Here’s the only makeup item I got from Forever 21. It says it is a Bronzer in Light Rose Gold. The packaging reminded me of Topshop packaging, but I went for it because the color!

I really like that these makeup items are not tested on animal, or cruelty free, I really think that is important to support! This was only $3.80, another price win!! lol

This bronzer or blush is gigantic. Really good value for the price!!! I also really like the packaging, it’s sturdy, classic, and laarrggee. lol I really like the matte black and the clear top so you can see the product.

The color is absolutely gorgeous. It’s a light/med rose gold color. kind of a deep pinky peach with tiny gold reflects. It reminds me of the Elizabeth Arden Rose Aurora Collection Bronzer or Nars Orgasm.Β  You can build up the color for a more vibrant tone, or a light swipe for an amazing sheen. This would looks amazing on tan skin, but looks great none the less!! So glad I picked this up! πŸ™‚

Swatch: Forever21 Bronzer in Light Rose Gold

What do you think!?



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