Mossy Green & Peach Mini Drugstore Haul!

I stopped by the drugstore after work today to get a lipstick I had been eyeing, but of course found some other things that caught my eye. The Korres eyeshadow was re-sent to me by AllCosmeticsWholsale, since the original one broke during shipping, but I thought it was appropriate to include it in this haul since it went with the theme! Here’s what I got. 🙂

This is the Rimmel Green Sapphire Glam Eyes Quad Palette. The colors really stood out to me and I love all the mossy green shades along with that shimmery pink. Rimmel quads are pretty affordable, so I thought it was a good deal for the 4 shades. The texture of these eyeshadows are smooth and silky, and you can get pretty good pigmentation as well. It can get a little powdery at times, but overall, I really like the colors!

This is the re-sent Korres eyeshadow in Cyprus Green 49. I got this for around $5 on the AllCosmeticsWholesale website. I really like these little eyeshadows, and this color has the most amazing green sheen. The texture is smooth but the eyeshadow doesn’t have as much give as some eyeshadows. The packaging is compact and modern, and for $5 it’s quite the steal!

This is the Revlon Smoked Peach Matte Lipstick that I had been eyeing for a while. I wasn’t sure at first about the finish and color, but went ahead and got it to try anyway. I absolutely love this color for spring/summer. It’s a swarm peach with slight coral/orange undertones. It does have a matte finish but also a few tiny reflects here and there. It is more moisturizing than some matte lipsticks, but still has that matte lip feel. I really love the combination of peaches and green right now for some reason, maybe the warmer weather? 🙂

This is the Rimmel Exaggerate Full Color Lip Liner in East End Snob. I LOVE this lip liner. I paid around $4 for this and it is SO worth it. This is something that I can see myself getting back-ups of. The color is amazingly perfect. A very pigmented matte medium pink color, perfect for lining lips or just coloring them in. The color kind of reminds me of the YSL Volupte pink lip colors, and looks just as amazing under the Revlon Smoked Peach Matte Lipstick! Love it!!!!!

Swatches: Rimmel Green Sapphire Glam Eyes Quad Palette, Korres eyeshadow in Cyprus Green 49, Revlon Smoked Peach Matte Lipstick, and Rimmel Exaggerate Full Color Lip Liner in East End Snob

Wearing the Rimmel lip liner, quad, and Relvon lipstick. What do you think?!


  1. The lipstick looks great on you! I have the same color and it doesn’t look that good on me so I have to use a gloss over it. I feel like it’s a little too light for my skin tone.

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