A Day in The Life Around the Apartment

Fresh lilacs from the father in laws garden! He’s so sweet.

An ugly doll I got last year, so cute!!! Love the color!

Bright fabric place mats on my dining table. Fun and fresh.

I need my cook books and my other books in general. Love picking one up for a good read now and then.

My flower arrangement! 🙂

A love knot soap stone sculpture I got at a craft show. I can’t believe someone made this by hand!

My pretty kitchen towel. I never use it because it’s too pretty! Love the quote on it.

Pretty pink dried roses in a mason jar. I bought these the first day I moved into my new apartment! Still there. 🙂

Motivational quote card I keep around with me. Really inspires me to work hard!

A cute little note book I got recently to keep my notes in. Love the fresh pattern!

A painting I did a year ago, keeps me invigorated during the day.

My kitten Luna! I love her so much!!! 🙂

Where I take naps and rest at the end of the day. Holy place for me. lol

What do you keep in your apartment that inspires you??


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