Dior Pro Cheeks Ultra Radiant Blush 815 Limelight Review

Wee I love Dior. I was able to find this cute Dior Pro Cheeks Blush on Ebay as I was sifting through their makeup listings for around $12!! This product I think is discontinued, but it is SO gorgeous none the less.

The color is 815, and on the back it just said “tester”, but upon more research is says the color is Limelight. It’s an amazing iridescent light pink color and looks so very nice in the packaging! I’m kind of sad they don’t offer anything like this anymore, as I really do love cream cheek products!

The packaging is very cute, feminine, and elegant, the cap is a reflective silver with Dior engraves all around the rim. The clear part is a thick clear plastic? It’s not too small or too big, it’s the perfect size for a little creme blush.

The color is the softest baby pink color with tiny gold and silver reflects, it almost has a faint duo chrome finish. The texture is very light and airy and is similar to a mousse. It blends very easily and looks amazing on the skin as a highlight. It does go on quite sheer, but might show up a bit better on lighter skin tones. This is absolutely gorgeous, I LOVE Dior! 🙂

Swatch: Dior Pro Cheeks Ultra Radiant Blush 815 Limelight

Faintly on my cheeks, what do you think!?



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