US/Canada Makeup Swap!! :D

My first international makeup swap!! I’ve always been interested in doing makeup swaps with people living in different countries because I like trying out things that I can’t get here in the states! I had been speaking with my fellow beauty blogger Pearlessence in Canada and we decided to do a swap!! We set a budget and decided to do a mixture of high end/drugstore products. We e-mailed back and forth asking about certain products, brands, and our skin types etc. After browsing the stores and getting things that I knew were great, here is what I got!! šŸ˜€

A really cute note from her, thanks so much! Everything was wrapped really well and nothing was broken! Yay!

Here are all the things I got from her, I really wanted to try the Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer, so I was glad that she had included it in the box! šŸ˜€ The other things I wasn’t sure of since we don’t have these brands in the states, but they look gorgeous! Essence is a familiar brand, but Marcelle and Annabelle I wasn’t very familiar with, which was exciting! šŸ™‚

This is the Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer, I’ve been eyeing this for ages, but couldn’t get myself to get it here in the states since the prices were always jacked up so high! It’s a light silky bronzer that actually smells like chocolate! So excited to use this!

The powder and packaging itself looks like chocolate which was incredible, and I took a light whiff and it does smell like a powdery chocolate! The powder has a slight orange undertone but used with a light hand it looks very natural. The powder itself is very smooth and soft and blends easily on the skin. Thank you Pearlessence for getting this for me, I really appreciate it! šŸ˜€

This is the Essence silky touch blush, and I must say it is very silky! The powder is smooth and airy, and has a “silky” finish. The color would be a great bronzey highlight, or as a day time contour shade! This is my first essence product, so I’m excited to try it!

This is the Marcelle Power Volume Mascara, I’ve never heard or seen the brand Marcelle in the states, so I was curious to try this! The mascara has a plastic fiber brush with a slightly wet formula. The color is almost a very dark charcoal grey, but dries black. It actually makes my lashes look natural and not too over powering like some black mascaras! I like how it feel on, and I’m surprised that I actually like a plastic brush, as I usually swear of them! Thanks Canada for making a good one! šŸ™‚

This is the Annabelle Mineral Pigment Dust in Violet Vibe. It’s a gorgeous vibrant matte violet color with a hint of iridescence. The packaging is really interesting as it pops open at the top with a small hole where the pigment comes out. I’m not sure if I can use a brush for this, but I can easily get some on the finger and apply it that way! It is really a gorgeous shade, and looks amazing on the lids. You also get quite a good amount and you don’t have to worry about it spilling everywhere!

This is the Gosh Effect Powder in Bluebell. This is AMAZING. I loved this immediately. Gosh has been a brand I wanted to try, and am SO excited that I finally get to!! It’s am amazing light cornflower-periwinkle blue color with white iridescent shimmer! It looks amazing on the lids and has a lot of dimension. The packing is very cute and it also has a gelly-like stopper that you can open and close. This is pretty nice so that the pigment actually stay IN the jar unlike some mineral pigments. LOVE this!

Also in the box was this Yves Rocher Lipstick in La Glacilly 41. The packaging was pretty with the flower detailing, and I was even more impressed with the lipstick itself. It looked a bit dark at first, but upon application is went on a very pretty sheer berry color. You can build it up after a few swipes and you get it more true to color on your lips. I’ve always been a neutral or pink girl, but this color actually looks great on my skin tone!! The formula is very moisturizing, smooth, and easy to apply. I’ve never heard of Yves Rocher, so I’m very happy to have this! šŸ™‚

Lastly, there was a Joe Fresh Fine Tip Liquid Eyeliner in Olive. I love felt tip liners so I was excited to open this one! I’ve heard of Joe Fresh, but again can’t get it in the states. This liner is incredibly fine tipper so you can draw very fine lines and details if you wanted to. The color is a muted olive green color, that dries a bit brighter than what you see on the packaging. It’s a fun alternative to a black liner, and can be pretty versatile for day looks! Love this!!

Swatches: Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer, Essence Silky Touch Blush, Annabelle Mineral Pigment Powder in Violet Vibe, Gosh Effect Powder in Bluebell, Yves Rocher Lipstick in La Glacilly 41, and Joe Fresh Fine Tipped Liquid Eyeliner

Thanks for everything Pearl, I really love it!!! I really recommend doing these makeup swaps for anyone who is interested, it’s really a lot of fun!

And also, what I sent to her below:

Have you ever done a makeup swap!?

Read her post here!:



  1. Oops – the Annabelle Mineral Pigment Dust can be unscrewed as well! I prefer it over their newer Studio Pigment, which does not unscrew and contains less product. You can also apply it wet for a more vibrant colour, similar to Bare Escentual’s powdered mineral eyeshadows.

    And I knew you really liked blue eyeshadows (from all your blue eyed posts) so I made sure to get the GOSH one in blue šŸ™‚

    Marcelle and Annabelle are sister Canadian companies that are based in Montreal, Quebec. Marcelle is especially known for their hypoallergenic products and has a wide range of skincare products as well. Annabelle is geared more towards makeup.

    Thank you for the opportunity to try this, blissno9 – it was lots of fun!

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