Japanese Grocery Store Haul?

I know this is a little different than my usual makeup posts, but though I’d share. Today was a rainy, rainy day, you know what that means!! I trip to my favorite local Japanese grocery store!! They have the yummiest, most fresh foods and goodies from Japan. I absolutely love Japanese food, had to grab a couple things to make this day a little brighter πŸ™‚

Here’s everything I cam home with! πŸ˜€

Having a sushi lunch with tuna, cucumber, and avacado rolls, with some spicy japanese mayo. Loooooove itt!! ❀

Also got this little Croguette Pan for later! Croquettes are small fried patties filled with mashed potatoes and vegetables. So yummy!

This isn’t from the Japanese grocery store, but had to include it in this food related post. My husband and I have been really enjoying salt and pepper kettle chips. Really love the crunchy peppery taste!

This is my favorite instant non-ramen food. It’s the Ippei-chan Yakisoba noodles! I love yakisoba, mostly because of the sauce! I also really like that it comes with Japanese mayo and vegetables. Tried this with a soft boiled egg tonight, awesome!

This is Calpico. It’s an Asian yogurt flavored drink and it is addicting lol. I love the fresh milky flavor, had one of these for lunch! πŸ™‚

Me driving back in the car!

Do you like Japanese food??



  1. yumm! Love sushii. And I also love ginger. You know, like eating it in mass. No idea why it’s so refreshing haha. Which is lucky because my bf on the other hand says it tastes like windex.. haha all mine!

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