The Body Shop Eyeshadow Haul!

I was at The Body Shop and there were so many great things that I wanted to try!! Especially their makeup and some of the Vitamin E Body Care line. I picked up these little treats since they were BOGO 50% off, and they were incredibly gorgeous little eyeshadows! I always walked passed The Body Shop in terms of makeup, but am SO glad I went in and tried some of their things out! I feel a new obsession coming on. lol

These are the two eyeshadows I got, one is an Eye Shimmer in Emerald 08, and the other is an Eye Color in 44 Golden Meadow. I had been looking for colors like these for a while now, and no one ever really got it quite right for me, until now!! Like I said, these are Buy One Get One 50% off, $9 each, and they are also doing free shipping with some other promotions of their website if you want to check it out!

The website says, “A range of beautifully smooth, long-lasting, crease-resistant eye shadows that offer intense color coverage, while helping to moisturize the skin. Available in a variety of pearl and matte shades and finishes.” They also contain Marula Oil, Lanolin, and Vitamin E.

The packaging is very cute with the reflective silver and small size. This is great for me since I am running out of room in my makeup storage!! They are smaller than an average eyeshadow so keep that in mind. The packaging is all plastic, and not quite a circular shape, more oblong. I like their little logo in the center and that you can see the color through the top.

The formula is AMAZING on these. You definitely can tell they used oils in these as they are incredibly tacky yet smooth. They have amazing pigmentation and stay on the lids without any primer! The shimmery effect of the green is the perfect shade I had been looking for, it looks amazing on med/warm skin tones! The eye shimmer in emerald is really unique. It’s a very light white with iridescent green shimmers and highlights. You can use this alone for an amazing glow, or use it on top of other eyeshadows to transform the eye color. This one feels a little less tacky, but the staying power is JUST as great. I really recommend these eyeshadows!

Swatches : Eye Shimmer in Emerald 08, and Eye Color in 44 Golden Meadow

Golden meadow on the lids, what do you think!?



  1. Wow they look nice! I would have never thought to use makeup from the body shop.. I used their skincare once – the tea tree one and it dried my face out like theres no tomorrow and i’ve been staying away ever since!

  2. Hmm… the last time I went into The Body Shop (a few weeks ago), their shadows definitely didn’t have much colour payoff though. This may be worth re-investigation 😛

    1. yeah! check out their individual eyesahdows. some of their palettes didnt have as great color payoff. also, their eye colors are a bit more rich than the eye shimmers.

  3. The Body Shop offers vegan eyeshadows, meaning they’re not made with animal products. Stick to the individual eyeshadows, not the shadow cubes or palettes (or baked. — total disaster of a product!) I got sick of the dozens of individual eyeshadows (and might have been jealous of MACS create your own palettes) but i learned a trick. If you peel the white label off, there will be a little hole/dot in the bottom of the container. The eyeshadows actually in a tin pan inside the eyeshadow plastic container, so if you stick a tack through it, it pries it off and can easily be popped into a mac or other type of palette with removeable eyeshadows! Sadly, the information about them being cruelty free is no longer true. They have been bought out by L’oreal, then again by shishedo, both of whom are known for testing on animals. Lush is now the only true cosmetic company that does not test on animals :-/

    on a side note I had absolutely no idea that cosmetic companies were using beagles to test cosmetics on until i went to adopt a dog earlier this week. They test on the dogs until they are two or three, then release them to dog rescues, assuming they survive. These dogs become despondent and some don’t even go outdoors until they are released to the rescues. It’s unbelievable 😦

    Another great trick for the shimmer eyeshadows (they have the individual ones, but they’re in a silver packaging, not black) is to use them over eyeliner. Do your eyeliner first and then swipe some of the shimmer over the liner with a liner brush and it REALLY makes the shimmer eyeshadow pop!

    1. Oh, I love LUSH, I try to be as conscious as possible, but acn’t win with every product since I like them so much. I really wish companies wouldn’t test on animals, I really don’t think it’s necessary. I’m definitely going to to Body Shop to use a coupon I have! Love the individual eyesahdows! Might try out a blush or lipstick as well? Thanks for the info!

      1. the lipstick is actually fairly nice! The price is right and it has vitamin e in it which is nice, unless they changed their formula again. i don’t think i have the blush. My favorite item was their shimmer palettes because they could be used as blush bronzer and eye shadows (or at least thats what i used em for! LOL!) . I hear you. I didn’t really care about their social roles or any of that. I worked for them about five years.. I wish they didn’t test on dogs..can’t they use humans instead? LOL

      2. I’ll try it out! Haha Humans are probably more of a liability since they can sue if anything bad happens. They should just keep all bad ingredients out!

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