ELF Cream Blush Review!

Yay, Elf! The fun, affordable makeup line that no one can refuse. I offered Fancieland that I do a quick post about their cream blushes as she was interested in getting one for herself in the future! ELF was one of those brands that I found out about, around 2 years ago, and quickly jumped at the opportunity to try them since they were so affordable!! (Essentials $1, Studio $3) At first I wasn’t sure on the quality of their products, but was happily reassured when trying some of them.

These are the four cream blushes that I own, I REALLY like this product, and at $3 each, I was thrilled! The colors are gorgeous, and there are a total of six in their line. The website says “This amazing blush offers the best of both worlds! It smoothes on as a cream for great texture and then transforms into a velvety soft powder finish for long-lasting rich color that’s never greasy! The lightweight, refreshing oil-free formula looks natural and radiates a beautiful glow perfect for all skin types. The soft powder finish can be layered for desired intensity and dimension.”

Be warned, this blush is HUGE. I can barely get my hand around it, the good news is you’re getting a lot of product, that bad news is, if you’re trying to store it or carry it around, it might get tricky! The packaging is pretty good, it feels sturdy and most of it is a hard plastic material. The names at first were a bit hard to see since the labels are TINY little circle stickers placed randomly on each product. lol

Here are the blushes!! I have Tease, Heartbreaker, Flirt, and  Vixen (L to R from bottom left). The color payoff on these are really good. You can use your fingers or a stippling brush, and get a little bit of product and sweep it on your cheeks. You can definitely build up color, and some might turn out really bright if you aren’t careful! I prefer using a stippling brush to get a small amount is apply it on my cheeks in small circular motions.

Here’s a close up of the texture. It really is nice! Some cream blushes are extremely thick and sticky, but this one is totally not! The formula is light, airy, spongy, and whipped feeling. If you put your finger in it, the product kind of lightly bounces back. These have incredible staying power, and last ALL DAY. You can top them with powder of you want to mattify them. This is definitely one of the best products that ELF offers in my opinion!!

Swatches: Tease, Heartbreaker, Flirt, Vixen

Flirt on the cheeks, what do you think?!



    1. I really recommend their cream blushes, blush & bronzer duo, tone correcting powder, eye pigments, cream eyeshadow, eye primer, cream eyeliner, studio brushes, mineral lipsticks, and some of their nail polishes!

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