Caudalie Favorites Haul!

I got this as part of my Dermstore Coupon Promotion through MyGlam and got this for 50% off!! I LOVE Caudalie, and was anxious try try more of their products! I really love natural skincare, and this had a lot of things that would be great for my regimen!

There’s a great mission statement on the back from the founder explaining how it all started from her family. I really like supporting people who strive to create great natural products from things that they were inspired by from their childhood.

These are all the products that come with the set! A Caudalie Beauty Elixer, Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser, Caudalie Lip Conditioner, and Caudalie Hand & Nail Cream. I really love everything that came in the set, and for $14, I think it’s a really great value!

This is the Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream, it’s actually a generous size, and LOVE the concept of an anti-oxident body butter made from grapes. It says “This rich repairing and soothing, deeply hydrating body moisturizer, with a delicious light scent and velvety texture melts into skin and provides all the therapeutic benefits, glamorous application and efficiency of Vinothérapie Spas.” It’s a very light yet hydrating cream, and smells very fresh and clean. My skin feels immediately smoother and softer, and overall, really like this cream!!

Here’s what it looks like on the skin. You only need a little bit and it easily smooths into the skin. It kind of melts into a watery texture, but it doesn’t feel greasy or heavy at all. I’m totally going to carry this around with me!

This is the Caudalie Lip Conditioner, “Formulated with 99.5% naturally-derived ingredients, this beauty treatment for the lips repairs damaged lips with each application. With anti-oxidant properties, it also delivers nutrition and protection for the lips all day long. Subtle vanilla scent.” It feels a little waxy, but it does stay on the lips for a long time. I absolutely love the smell of this, it’s kind of like a sweet green grape smell, I’ll use this when I need it on my chapped lips!

This is the Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser, I haven’t try this yet, but I’ve heard a lot of really good things about this! It says “Specially created for combination skin. It is also suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.” so that’s really good for me! I’ll put in a review of this in the future!

This is the famous Caudalie Beauty Elixer! It says it is “Inspired by the “elixir of youth” used by Queen Isabelle of Hungary, this treatment smoothes features, tightens pores, and gives the complexion a burst of radiance. an excellent base for make-up, this water awakens the skin in the morning and livens it up before a night out.” It feels really great on the skin, and actually does what it says it does. The smell is a little strong for my taste, but I can deal with it as it fades after a while. It’s kind of like an apothecary smell, but it does wonder for the skin! Recommend this!

What do you think??



  1. Oo that’s such a great deal!! I have always wondered about Caudalie products.. I think I’m going to pick up the Beauty Elixir!! Thanks for the reviews! 🙂

  2. I love Caudalie’s masks – the blue-tubed Purifying Mask and the pink-tubed Moisturizing Cream Mask. I can’t seem to find them on the Sephora website, even though I’ve seen them in stores. I’ve only gotten samples to try, but they work really well and smell great. It’s great that the line is so natural, but I just can’t afford to buy them regularly with my student budget!

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