Dior 5 Couleurs Designer 408 Green Design Eyeshadow Palette

Ahh Dior.. My quintessential favorite luxury brand. There’s so much to love, the femininity, the couture, I love everything about it. The same goes for their beauty line. Everything is refined, beautiful, and the colors are gorgeous. I’ve really been attracted to the quints, as pricey as they are, are so worth it to me just in terms of personal value. Here’s my favorite quint!

The packaging is sleek, and the palette comes in a velvety pouch thing, I guess to protect the palette. This was actually a birthday gift I had got from my husband! πŸ™‚ I love it so much, and the colors for me are amazing. Dior does it well.

The 5 Couleurs Designers come in 6 different color combinations, with some limited edition ones that come out every so often. It says made in Japan with I was surprised about, since I know Dior is originally a french brand? but I guess the Japanese do it well also.

This palette is a combination of green shades, one base, 3 eyeshadows, and an eyeliner. I love the center shade, and the eyeliner is a great deep green color. There are two shimmery iridescent shades that are a bit sheet, but I think that’s the point of these. One is a shimmery base, and the other is meant to be used as a highlight. The contour shade is a darker foresty green color that has pretty good pigmentation. The best, for me, is the center green shade, which is absolutely gorgeous!

Swatches: Dior 5 Couleurs Designer 408 Green Design Eyeshadow Palette

On my lids, what do you think??



  1. I love how the colors look and I think they look great on you! I’ve been looking at these online at Sephora but I can’t bring myself to splurge for it!…..yet πŸ˜› haha

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