More Forever21 Love & Beauty Haul & Mini Deco Project!

I was so surprised about the last Forever21 Love & Beauty items I got earlier this week, that I went back to pick up a couple more things that I had been eyeing. I got 2 cream blushes and a mascara. I LOVE how cute the packaging is, and that I don’t have to worry about using it up or losing it. The little black eyeliner is one that I got on Ebay for like $1, and I decided to do a little deco project with it!! Here’s the mini haul!

These are the two cream blushes, one is a bright peachy-coral color, and the other is a bubblegum pink. I was really surprised that Forever21 would even make something like this, and was really excited to try them out!! The size is perfect for me, and they were $1.50 each! 🙂

The colors are SUPER pigmented on the skin. Almost too pigmented lol. You really would only need a tiny bit for it to show up on the skin, and this is something that any skin tone could use! The cream itself is VERY creamy, and applies a bit thick on the skin. Again, you only need a little bit and then blend it out with your fingers on your skin for it to give you a bright flush.

Here are the two colors blended out a bit, keep in mind that these were heavy swatches, I would doubt anyone would want their cheeks to look like this!! lol 🙂 If you use just a small dab on each cheek, you can really get a pretty flush!

This is the Forever21 Love & Beauty Mascara, I really love the packaging, it’s super cute and pink and reminds me of some Asian beauty packaging. I was really going out on a limb with this, since I’ve never tried a Forever21 mascara. I’m usually very picky about mascaras and need a specific kind!! This has a very thin and sticky formula, but it does coat each lash and gives them some volume. The only thing I don’t like, is the sticky feeling on my lashes before it dries. The staying powder is pretty good once it does, but this is probably something I’d use only for emergencies or if I’m out at the gym.

This is the little black gel liner that I got on Ebay, I decided to decorate the lid Decoden style. It was kind of an anonymous black gel liner and I thought it needed a little sprucing. 🙂 The gel liner is an opaque black and has a very soft formula, kind of reminds me of Mac’s Blacktrack Gel Liner.

This is a swatch of the liner, for $1, not too shabby! 🙂 I did notice that it does smudge a bit during the day, so I do need to set this with powder or reapply. Overall it’s an Ok liner that I’ll use when I don’t want to use my expensive stuff.

Here’s using all the products, what do you think??



  1. I would go to my closest forever 21 right now and check out what they have (except that it’s Sunday and the lines there on the weekends are crazy long). 😉

  2. I love Hello Kitty! 😀 I’ve never tried forever 21’s beauty line except for their nail polishes, which fail to disappoint so far 🙂 How would you compare that mascara to drug store brands like Maybelline or Covergirl?

    1. Hm, the mascara might be comparable to the formula from Maybelline, but there are better ones out there. I really was just a sucker for the packaging, I’ll use it once it a while!

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