Skin79 Oriental Shimmering BB Cream Review!

Hi Everyone! This is my review for the SKin79 Oriental Shimmering BB Cream. I really wanted to try this because of the pen like shape, and because I love the original Oriental Gold BB Cream by Skin79. It’s supposed to give you a shimmering pearl-like glow and continuous moisture on your skin. It contains silk amino acids, vitamins, and various tea ingredients to help keep your skin healthy.

I really love the concept of this! It’s a giant pen-like tube, with the lavender and gold packaging, and I can immediately envision using this as an all over highlight, enhancer of the under eyes, and on top of my cheek bones/nose! There’s a button on the bottom where you can push to get the product out. The cap stays on pretty well as long as you don’t put too much force on it. It’s slim, pretty, and could be great for travel!

The brush tip inside is pretty good, it’s a soft synthetic brush I’d say just under an inch wide. It’s slightly rounded at the end so it can easily fit into the natural contours of the face. The good thing about this is that you don’t necessarily need to pump the product on your hand before applying it to your face, you can directly sweep the BB Cream onto the desired areas!

If you push the bottom once, I think enough of the product comes out to sufficiently use on your face. It goes out in three little beads and immediately you can see the pearly shimmery qualities of the BB Cream! The smell is very similar to the original Skin79 Oriental Gold BB Cream, and smells like sweet flowers/tea/light cosmetic scent.

When putting it on my hand, the BB Cream has a light milky/pearly sheen, and the texture is very light yet moisturizing at the same time.Β  You can just use the brush to blend into the skin, or continue to use your fingers to evenly spread the BB Cream on your face. The formula absorbs into the skin very quickly, and leaves an amazing dewy slightly shimmery/pearl finish. It’s nothing overwhelming, but gives an amazing highlighting effect. It also leaves my skin soft, even, everything a normal BB Cream does!

This is when it’s all blended in!

I starting with a clean face, nothing but a little but of eyeliner and brows. I like to use this under my eyes, bridge of my nose, forehead, tops of my cheekbones, and chin!

Finished! What do you think?! πŸ™‚



      1. Popular is not always best – someone somewhere will always be let down by the hype. Like Maybelline’s Great Lash mascara and Burt’s Bees lip balm lol

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