Spoiled by Wet N’ Wild Nail Color Polish Haul!

Woo hoo! New nail polish! For some reason, I never get tired of nail polish, I feel like there could be endless combinations of colors, textures, and finishes for them. I was at CVS today, and saw a pretty big rack filled with these Spoiled Nail Polishes, when I looked closer, they were made by Wet N’ Wild! They had so many colors and for only $1.99 each! I had to try them, here are the ones I got! 🙂

This one is called ‘Let’s Get Sushi’, very appropriate for me lol. It’s very pretty bright orangey-coral creme color, it goes on VERY opaque and the formula is pretty great! This is a very typical color that I usually gravitate towards that I never get tired of. So far I’m pretty impressed with these polishes! Amazing for summertime!

This is ‘Paying With Platinum’ and is initially very reminiscent of Chanel Black Pearl or Revlon Black With Envy. It’s a pearly chrome color with greens, blues, purples, and grey. It look very mysterious yet pretty in the bottle! Upon closer inspection, this formula goes on a bit sheerer than expected, you need several coats to get it the deep color you see in the bottle, but still, applied with a couple coats looks unique and gorgeous!

This is ‘Tattle Tale” and is an amazing light baby pink with tiny pearly reflects. This is probably my new favorite baby pink color as it seems to be better in terms of color than any of the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength polishes I’ve gotten! It can be used sheer for a cute sparkly nude nail, or built up for a milky pearly pink. It’s so cute!! Love this one!!

This one is ‘My Silicone Popped’ lol. Not a huge fan of the name, but the color is very nice indeed! Its a medium rosey pink creme color. It looks very flattering on the nails as it looks kind of flesh toned! This would be a great everyday polish and can be versatile for any look that you’re wearing that day.

The applicator is a but different, it pretty wide for a nail polish brush, but makes it easy to apply the polish in one swipe! The bristles are thick and are flattened to give you easy opaque application. You really only need to swipe down your nail once for a good finish! For smaller sized nails like on your pinky, you can turn the brush to it’s side and it’s about the same width as a standard nail polish brush.

Swatches: Let’s Get Sushi, Paying With Platinum, Tattle Tale, and My Silicone Popped Sorry my nails are so short at the moment!! >.<

The new collection below!:

Just picked up ‘Shrimp On a Barbie” and “I’m Baroque”!! 😀

Have you tried these nail polishes??



  1. I have tried tried three (I don’t drink cheap wine,fuzzy dice, and trust fund baby.love them)but purchase nine in my opion they compare to high in polish if not better (even with the wide brush lol) i plan on getting the whole collection or most of lol.

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