Upcoming US/Canada Makeup Swap with Pearlessence!

Photo above is just an example!

I’m so excited for my first international makeup swap with Pearlessence! 😀 I reached out to her after looking at all the great beauty items I wasn’t able to get here in the states, and we decided to do a swap. We went back and forth and decided to ship out before the end of March with high end and drugstore items. Can’t wait to post what I got her and vise versa! Yay!!

**Also coming up soon is a US/UK and a US/Taiwan Swap!!! 😀

Have you ever done a makeup swap or want to?!



  1. Man, I really want to do a make up swap! Although I have no idea where to start. Im assuming it would be the same as the Reddit Secret Santa I did for 2011, where they pick a random person for you and you pick what christmas gift to get them depending on what they like. is it anything like that? Sounds like fun ❤

    1. Hey! Pretty much you pick someone and both of you decide the terms of how you’re going to swap and what kind of items. It’s really fun!! I would love to do it again with someone from the UK or Asia! 😀

      1. Actually I’m currently in Japan. I will be returning to Canada in mid-April. Although most Japanese brands are available in Taiwan for fair price 🙂

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