Skin79 Oriental Gold BB Cream Review!

YAAY!! This is the Skin79 Oriental Gold BB Cream that I have been patiently waiting for. This product initially really stood out to me because of the color, packaging, cheek tint, and pump style. Also because people have said that this is an all around favorite BB Cream. The packaging is SO cute, I love the lavender and gold toned bottle. It looks very elegant, feminine, and sophisticated. I got it for a pretty reasonable price on Ebay from a Korean seller!

The packaging is sturdy, a bit bulky feeling, and the top part is made of plastic. The lid holds well onto the BB Cream itself, and the top lid is easy to open as well.

When you open the top lid, you can see the beautiful bright pink cheek/lip tint color! It’s gorgeous and very creamy. The small mirror inside the lid is a nice touch, and can be used when you need a quick touch up.

The pump, I thought, was very unique. It is a sort of vertical pump, you press down on the entire black “pump” part, and the product squeezes out through the hole in the center. The shiny/smooth area of the plastic allows you to cleanly swipe off the product onto your finger as you apply, It’s a really fun way to apply BB Cream!

The color for me is near perfect. BB Creams are notorious for being too light for me, but this one seems to be a great match. It’s very moisturizing, creamy, smooth, and easy to blend. The smell is a bit stronger with this one, kind of a sweet herbal cosmetic smell.

Starting to blend out, the BB Cream feels liquidy, but a bit on the heavier side. It is VERY moisturizing, and would be great for people who have normal/dry skin, or mature skin. This is something that I would definitely use over the winter months to keep my skin looking healthy and dewy.

Smoothed out completely, the BB Cream absorbs into the skin and leaves a subtle dewy finish. My skin feels soft, VERY hydrated, and evenly covered. It actually looks pretty natural on my skin, and over time, the heavy feeling fades a bit. Although this it the type of BB Cream to slide around on your face throughout the day, setting it with a powder would probably be ideal. Overall. it makes my skin look great!

The cheek tint is so gorgeous, its a barbie pink color that can be blended out into the skin. It’s very emollient, and can be used easily to create a subtle flush. You can use it alone for a more natural pink look, or top it with a powder blush to mattify the color.

Overall, I like the BB Cream! I don’t know if I will be using this in the summer months, but like I said, would be perfect for fall and winter! I really like the lip/cheek tint, as it is a very flattering color! 🙂



    1. yeah! I used it this morning since it was little cooler out, and I usually have some dry patches on my skin and around my nose and decided to try it right after I got out of the shower. my face immediately felt softer, more even, and moisturized. It didn’t really feel heavy at all! I topped it with powder and it’s still going strong! 🙂

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