Skin79 Diamond Collection The Prestige BB Cream Review!

Yaay! My BB Creams are starting to arrive in the mail! I’ve been SO excited to try some new Skin79 products, as they are such great BB Creams. This is The Prestige BB Cream from the Diamond Collection. It has SPF 25, whitening effects, wrinkle improvement, and is supposed to cultivate more bright and elastic skin. It also includes diamond, ruby, amethyst and pearl powder, along with caviar extract, aloe vera, and green tea extract to help improve the skin.

The packaging is very pretty and you get a good amount (40g), so this will last me a long time. Especially in combination with my other BB Creams! The packaging is sturdy yet lightweight, and comes with a protective lid. The pump is great in my opinion because you can control how much you’re using, (you don’t need very much) and the product inside remains hygienic.

Close up of the pump!

I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about fake BB Creams, so be sure when you get one, it’s from a reputable seller/distributor from Korea. You can find them a bit cheaper if you search around, but be wary if it’s TOO cheap or coming from China. There are other authenticity marks that you can look for on the bottle and packaging as well to verify if you have a genuine product.

The color of this BB Cream seem a bit light, but applies very sheer. This does not have any greyish undertones and seems to match better with peachy or yellow undertones.

When blended out, it feel very creamy and a bit liquidy, and has a dewy and light powdery finish. The smell isn’t overpowering, kind of like a fresh cosmetic smell.

After blending it out, it starts to disappear completely! It makes my skin feel soft and even, and gently covers up any light discoloration and marks. I wouldn’t recommend this for those looking for a full coverage BB Cream, but I will definitely be using this in the upcoming summer months since it does feel so light! Very happy with this! 🙂



  1. Does this BB cream have shimmer? I’m pretty sure the Diamond series does, which is why it’s called Diamond… or does it just turn out to be dewy?

    Glad you love your BB cream! 🙂

    1. Hi! This BB Cream does have shimmer, but it’s not glittery or chunky enough to see. It’s more dewy with a slight pearly glow. In the light, your skin just looks luminous and radiant. I really like it! I wore it all day today and it feels really great.

  2. Did your BB cream have a sticker on the lid to before you took of the cap? Because I bought the same one via ebay and it came without a sticker. Then I bought another one from another seller and that did have a sticker on the lid.

    Thanks in advance!

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