March MyGlam Bag Review!!

My Glam Bag has arrived!! Yay 🙂 I was really excited for this month, particularly beacuse last month’s was such a let down for me, but this month has redeemed it for me! I love this month’s MyGlam bag. Although it is mostly skin/hair care, the other items make up for it! I really like the blending brush they sent us, it pink, fluffy, soft, and a pretty good size brush. The case is cute, but I don’t know if I’ll ever use it! The Pur-lisse lip conditioner is amazing. I have such chapped lips all the time, and this product for me is gold. It’s a generous size at .5oz, and feel amazing on my lips. I have yet to try the Keracolor leave in hair treatment, but I will give it a go the next time I need to treat me hair! Also, just a note on the $25 gift certificate, it’s actually a coupon code for  $25 off a $50 order on which I will very likely use. Overall, very satisfied with this month’s Glam Bag, excited for what’s next to come!



  1. I’m suppose to get mine today, I’m excited and worried at the same time! I heard a lot of people didn’t like it and they were complaining that the brush stinked really bad, is that true? :\ i’m really on the fence of myglam i’m not sure if i want to keep it or cancel

    1. definitely give them like another month or two. they had some ‘glammie conference’ in feb but they already had their march bag set, so I think if we see any change it’ll start with april.

    2. Hi Natasha, The brush and brush holder does have a slight plasticy smell, like it just came out of a factory or something, but it’s nothing too overpowering. If it really bothered you, you could clean it before you use it on your eyes. I was really on the fence too, considering last months was so lame, but I hear April’s bag is going to have more makeup items which I am excited about! Compared to Birchbox, which I canceled from, the samples in MyGlam are much larger, and have better coupon deals. I’m going to give MyGlam another chance, plus they’re only starting out! 🙂

      1. Were did you hear that April’s bag would be better, and have more make up? I contacted MyGlam and asked if they were going to continue to send us the small packet-size samples and if April’s bag would have the 4 to 5 deluxe-sized samples/full-sized products like they advertized. This is what they said:

        ” In rare instances, if we want to share a certain product with our Glammie community, and cannot get a deluxe sample size, we will choose to include a packette or single-use sample.”

        I was not satisfied with this answer because both the February and March bag only contained 2 deluxe-sized samples/full-sized products, this doesn’t fit the definition of rare.

        They also did not confirm if the April bag will have 4 to 5 sampled-sized/full-sized products. And, they are no longer responding to my emails.

  2. not all the bags smell bad, but mine gave me a headache. the brush and the case also reeked, I’m going to toss them after I do a review. the smell is just the symptom–the root cause is that the quality of the materials is lacking, and these are probably made in some sweatshop. even if the smell vanishes I don’t think I’ll even let my sister use the brush.

    but other than that, I really did like my bag 🙂 got the cleanser. I was surprised that dermstore actually sells normal makeup, not just skincare stuff.

    1. yeah! looked around on the site and they sell Paul & Joe, Cargo, Butter London, Becca, Cover FX, Dr. Jart, Laura Geller, Lorac and some more pretty good brands! 🙂

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