My Deco Makeup Palette Projects!

L to R: Estee Lauder Pure Color Surreal Violet Palette, Custom 15 TKB Pressed Pigment Palette, ELF On The Go Single Palette in Day on The Beach

Deco or “Decoden” is a Japanese hobby and trend where you decorate everything and anything you can get your hands on with the cutest, blingiest, over the top beads, jewels, mini figurines, and other embellishments. People deco their phones, hand held video games, boxes, jewelry, nails, shoes, cameras, mirrors, and of course makeup palettes. Above are some of the pieces I’ve made the last year! It’s definitely been fun and SO cute to discover new things that people have also come up with. A lot of the figurine pieces I custom made from polymer clay (bears, bows, food, flowers, etc) and bought beads and jewels from Ebay, Etsy, Micheals, Hobby Lobby, etc. It is so fun to do, I highly recommend you check it out! 🙂




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