The BB Cream Craze

I’m all for the new BB Cream Craze. Who wouldn’t want an all in one miracle product? BB Creams are basically skincare, primer, SPF, moisturizer, concealer, liquid foundation in ONE small bottle. The trend started in Asia, (mostly Korea & Japan) where the women are obsessed with healthy, flawless, young, dewy looking fair skin. I’m pretty sure Asian women are the only ones who have 15+ products just for skincare on their vanities. (being one myself) lol Joking aside, BB Creams are a great product. They are for the most part light weight, yet have good coverage, and the majority contain ingredients for anti-aging, wrinkles, whitening, moisturizing, and concealing. The few BB Creams I tried have been fantastic. Even the ones that are more affordable are great on the skin. The only downside I would say is that most do not come in a large color range, as Asian women prefer lighter skin. The good news is, most absorb into the skin and oxidize to adapt better to your skin tone. Even so, you can use a powder foundation or liquid foundation over the BB Cream to better match your natural color. The craze has gotten so large, that even makeup companies to the west have been formulating their own version of the BB Cream. Popular BB Cream brands are Missha, Skin79, Dr. Jart, Oriental Gold, Lioele, Fairy Drops, Holika Holika, BRTC, Skin Food, Hanskin, Peripera, Laniege, Etude House, L’egere, Agnes B., Boscia, Smashbox, Estee lauder, Clinique, and Christian Dior.



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