My Skinfood Aloe Sun & Holika Holika Watery Petit BB Cream Review!

Just got these in the mail today, I’ve been dying to try some new BB Creams, and these two caught my eye for an affordable price. I found both of these on Ebay through a respected dealer in Korea, and bought them for under $10 each! The packaging is very cute and both fit in the palm of my hand. The Skinfood is SPF 20, 50g of product, in Shade 2. The Holika Holika Watery BB Cream is SPF 25, comes in one shade, and is 30ml.

The consistency of both are easily blendable, but do have a medium to light thickness. The Skinfood (below) is slightly darker and the Holika Holika (above) is actually a bit light for my skin tone. Both seem to have peachy undertones, have a pleasant smell, and seem to have moisturizing properties.

After blending them out a bit, both begin to dry to a damp powdery finish. As you can see, the Holika Holika one (above) is lighter than my actually skin tone.

This is the final result after blending them out completely! Surprisingly they both have melted into my skin perfectly, and you can’t even really tell the color difference!! After some time, I also noticed that they both adjust to my skin even further in terms of color. This would be a great base before applying powder foundation! I’ve also noticed my skin feeling softer after each time I use it! Overall, I do prefer the Skinfood Aloe BB Cream, just because it matches my skin tone a bit better, but I will use the Petit BB Cream for under my eyes and red spots.


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