MyGlam February 2012!

I’m just posting the actual “beauty” products because count the other stuff as filler! (i.e. the chocolate, promo cards, etc.)

MyGlam is a fairly new beauty subscription service that started their launch in December 2011 ($10/month + free shipping). Their first glam bag was AMAZING. It had a full size Urban Decay eyeshadow, a deluxe size Tarte Mascara, a NYX Lip Cream, a mini Urban Decay Primer Potion, and some Mai Couture Blush Sheets. As January and February came around, the bags in my opinion have become a little less makeup centric. The January MyGlam bag was great as it had a full size Sheercover Concealer and The Balm Eyeshadow, but the other things I just wasn’t interested in! I switched from my Birchbox Subscription to join MyGlam starting in January, and so far I’ve been OK with my Glam Bags. Hopefully they’ll listen to what we’ve been saying on their Facebook page, and put in more makeup products. All in all, I love beauty subscription services, and I recommend you try one for size!

February MyGlam Bag:

– $100 NuME Gift Card

– NYX Roll-On Shimmer

– Freeman Facial Mask

– X-Out Shine Control Moisturizer

– 2 Ghirardelli Chocolates

– 2 Premier Skincare Samples


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